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Dave Hockings with 'Southern Comfort' at Exmouth. 7.3.90 (1990)

Bowden, Jeff

Cathy, Mandy and John Hitchcock and Bev Babb as the 'Exmouth Arms FC Tea Ladies' in the pram race atthe Exmouth Carnival pram race. 18.7.87 (1987)

Bowden, Jeff

Exmouth lifeboat. 25.12.91 (1991)

Repairing Exmouth sea wall. 18.10.69 (1969)

Mrs Sue Freeman, who opened the new Tesco store at Exmouth. 27.10.92 (1992)

Exmouth Carnival Royals. 24.7.92 (1992)

Pete Hardy

Seconds Out, Exmouth. 1.11.84 (1986)

Exmouth seafront. 16.7.89 (1989)

Bowden, Jeff

The last launch of the Exmouth lifeboat 'Maria Noble'. 16.10.61 (1961)

Competitors in the Exmouth Carnival waiters and waitresses race. 1.8.92 (1992)

Viccy Wilcox

Sharon Williams, left, and Karen Voysey as 'Liquorice Allsorts' at Exmouth Carnival. 31.7.93 (1993)

Pupils from Beacon School, Exmouth, show off their creations for their Easter bonnet parade. 27.3.91 (1991)

Bowden, Jeff

Vivien Drinkall in the front garden of the B ramblemoor House Hotel, Exmouth. 18.8.88 (1988)

Flooding of the Maer at Exmouth. 3.2.90 (1990)

Bowden, Jeff

Maypole, Exmouth. 2.4.68 (1968)

10th anniversary of the Exmouth lifeboat ([1981])

The Emouth lifeboat is pushed up the slipway by tractor after its mission ([1960])

Richard Tarr

Massive catch of spratts landed from the 'Optimist' at Exmouth docks. 13.12.90 (1990)

Bowden, Jeff

Paul Hills, Timothy Herbert and David Hills on the Hospiscare float at Exmouth Carnival. 25.7.90 (1990)

Competitors taking part in the Exmouth Carnival pavement art competition. 24.7.90 (1990)

Christmas Day walkers at Exmouth beach. 25.12.95 (1995)

Brixington Playgroup at Exmouth Carnival (1977)

Exmouth Carnival. 22.7.87 (1987)

Graham Lawson and Julia Holley, winners of the Exmouth Carnival waters and waitresses race. 10.8.91 (1991)

Exmouth Carnival. 22.7.87 (1987)

An American speed cop at the Exmouth Carnival fete. 19.7.87 (1987)

Bowden, Jeff

Ian Dowell's stories of old Exmouth: lost treasures ([2016])

Ian Dowell

Exmouth Museum Society with 'The capture of John Mutter' at Exmouth Carnival. 25.7.90 (1990)

Exmouth controller Roger Clements with a minibus bearing the new logo. 12.7.95 (1995)

Children playing on Exmouth beach on a rough wet day in January. 8.1.94 (1994)

Flooding of the Maer at Exmouth. 3.2.90 (1990)

Bowden, Jeff

The Exmouth lifeboat, Caroline Finch, on standby at the Christmas Day swim. 25.12.93 (1993)

Scott Drew

Councillor Bill Handford switches on the Christmas lights at Exmouth Indoor Market. 16.11.87 (1987)

Davison, Chris

All Saints Brownies after winning the Exmouth brownies swimming gala at Lympstone for the fifth year running. 1.2.89 (1989)

Bowden, Jeff

Work on the outfall systen near Maer Rocks at Exmouth. 21.3.88 (1988)

Exmouth Carnival Royals. 5.8.91 (1991)

Danielle Coate and Lucinda Dennis taking part in the Exmouth Carnival pavement art competition. 24.7.90 (1990)

Exmouth Carnival waitresses race on the seafront. 22.7.87 (1987)

Christmas lights at Exmouth Indoor Market. 11.12.86 (1986)

Workman dig trial trenches in Phear Park, Exmouth, at the site of a controversial sewage pumping station. 14.9.91 (1991)

Linda Rowe, one of the assistants in Sally Ann, Exmouth, looking at the unfinished work on the pavement outside the shop. 29.10.86 (1986)

'Be a Clown', a summner activity at Exmouth Library. 25.8.89 (1989)

Bowden, Jeff

Martini girls, Katherine Brocklebank, Vicky Long and Nina Wicks at Exmouth Carnival. 26.7.89 (1989)

Faith Kent, star of the Exmouth Pavilion panto 'Aladdin'. 20.12.93 (1993)

Scott Drew

Members of the East Devon Branch of the Motor Neurone Disease Appeal as 'The Viling Conquerors' at Exmouth Carnival. 31.7.93 (1993)

Exmouth Carnival. 22.7.87 (1987)

Inspector visiting the Gyspsy Lane end of the footpath to Grange Avenue. 21.11.90 (1990)

Bowden, Jeff

Exmouth Carnival. 22.7.87 (1987)

Fancy dress winners at the Exmouth Carnival fete. 19.7.87 (1987)

Bowden, Jeff

Exmouth Carnival. 22.7.87 (1987)