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Enjoy Dartmoor: your official guide to the National Park 2014/2015 (2014)

The well-watered land: the life of a Dartmoor hill farmer (2016)

Jeremy Wilkinson

Legendary Dartmoor pubs and inns: explore in the footsteps of Sherlock Holmes & The Hound of the Baskervilles (2016)

Simon Butler

Enjoy Dartmoor: your official guide to the National Park 2017/2018 (2017)

Dartmoor air crashes: aircraft lost in World War Two (2016)

Robert Jones

Dartmoor pub walks (2017)

Hesketh, Robert

Moorland forensics: bound by Polaris (2017)

Julie D. Jones

Clam bridges of Dartmoor (2019)

Peter F. Mason

The wild man on the moor (c.2019)

Lilian Butler

SX7289/7389 (1960)

SX7287/7387 (1960)

SX66 (1959)

SX69 (1963)

Swaling on Dartmoor: an historical survey (2006)

Greeves, Tom

SX7272/7372 (1962)

Walks on Dartmoor: paths and trackways (2017)

Michael Caton

SX7288/7388 (1960)

Moorland forensics: devil's realm (2019)

Julie D. Jones

SX7489/7589 (1960)

Legend: a true story (2016)

Elizabeth Spencer

Celebrating the tinworking landscape of Dartmoor in its European context: prehistory to 20th century : 6-11 May 2016 : conference booklet & field guide (2016)

Greeves, Tom

American prisoners f war at Dartmoor war deoot (1813-1815) (2007)

Trevor James

SX6095/6195 (1974)

Moor medieval: exploring Dartmoor in the Middle Ages (2019)

David Stone

Galene: Galene of Dartmoor (2016)

Ruth Snell

A gathering of ghosts (2019)

Karen Maitland

Dartmoor mindscapes: re-visioning a sacred landscape (2016)

Peter Knight

Dartmoor (2016)

Stephanie Spry

SX7269/7369 (1963)

SX7670/7770 (1962)

SX77 (1959)

SX67 (1959)

In the footsteps of the Victorians: aspects of change in the Wrey Valley and surrounding area 1837-1901 (2018)

SX7070/7170 (1962)

A gathering of ghosts (2018)

Karen Maitland

Enjoy Dartmoor: your official guide to the National Park 2018/19 (2018)

SX68 (1963)

The Bone yard (2017)

Mark Sennen

A survey of Ten Tors (c.1985)

Martyn C. Brown

Welfare in Widecombe 1700-1900: an illustrated journey through local archives (2019)

Roger Claxton

Dartmoor a wild and wondrous place: the portrayal of Dartmoor in art, 1750-1920 (2017)

Peter F. Mason

The Dartmoor Walking Festival 2019: 24th August to Ist Seprtember: programme (2019)

Enjoy Dartmoor: your official guide to the National Park 2019/20 (2019)

SX78 (1964)

Recreating the past (2001)

Victor G. Ambrus

SX7285/7385 (1960)

SX7488/7588 (1960)

SX56 (1959)

SX7085/7185 (1960)

Dartmoor in pictures (1971)