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Watermouth Castle. 24.6.72 (1972)

Tony Freeman

Berry Narbor parish registers (c.1900)

Berry Narbor parish registers (c.1900)

Berrynarbor conservation area character appraisal: draft (2010)

Thr vale of Berrynarbor from Watermouth (c.1880)

Briary Cave (c.1880)

Briary Cave, Watermouth (c.1880)

Watermouth Castle (c.1880)

Smallmouth Cave, Watermouth (c.1880)

Watermouth (c.1880)

Watermouth (c.1880)

Watermouth (c.1880)

Watermouth (c.1880)

[Berrynarbor] (c.1905)

Johan Jewellus epus Sarisburiensis A.D. 1562 obyt A.D. 1572 aetatis 40 (c.1720)

P- S.

Berrynarbor 14th Sep. 1957 (1957)

K. M. Treloar

Berry Narborne Church, South West view: Berry Narbor Church No 1. No 20. ([1850?])

J. G. Fuller

Bp Jewell's House at Bowden, Berry Narbor: Bowden. N.Devon (1849)

J. G. Fuller

Berrynarbour Tower: Berrynarbor church, north view of tower. No 21 ([1850?])

J. G. Fuller

East View from Watermouth, Great Hangman Hill: View from Watermouth, Berry Narbour, Near Ilfracombe ([1850?])

J. G. Fuller

Bronze age pottery from barrows at Berrynarbor, Nymet Tracey and Lovehayne (1973)

Pearce, Susan M.

A misty evening at Watermouth Cove, near Ilfracombe, North Devon (1973)

Ronald Goodearl

Watermouth Castle, Ilfracombe, North Devon June 1991 (1990)

D. J. Bennett

Watermouth Castle, Ilfracombe (1906)

Watermouth castle from a boat (1837)

Annette Ludlow

County sheet 5:11 (1889)

County sheet 5:08 (1889)

County sheet 5:07 (1889)

County sheet 5:06 (1889)

County sheet 5:02 (1889)

Berrynarbor War Memorial: Soldiers of the Great War an award winning Millennium project covering 50 parishes & 3 market towns (2000)

Brian Barrow

Berrynarbor, near Ilfracombe (1832)

J. Thomas (Engraver)

Watermouth. Devon ([1835?])

Rowe, George

Watermouth, nr.Ilfracombe, Devon ([1855?])

Early English bosses (1908)

T. Charbonnier

Perryn Harbour nr Ilfracombe ([1790?)

Payne, William

Watermouth (c.1920)

Berrynarbor (c.1805)

Briary Cave, Watermouth (c.1900)

[Watermouth Castle] (c.1900)

Watermouth Castle (c.1900)

Watermouth, Devon (c.1840)

[Briary Cave near Ilfracombe] (1862)

Edwards, Edwin

The works of John Jewel, Bishop of Salisbury (1845)

John Jewel

A fairly complete list of rectors of Berrynarbor, with a brief account of each from A.D.1261 to the present day (1964)

Watermouth House, nr. Ilfracombe ([1855?])

Watermouth Castle near Ilfracombe, Devon: a short description illustrated with photographs (1951)

Mervyn G. Palmer (Explorer, naturalist and museum curator)

Life of Bishop Jewel (1835)

Charles Webb Le Bas

Watermouth Castle near Ilfracombe, Devon ([1950?)

Mervyn G. Palmer (Explorer, naturalist and museum curator)

The book of Berrynarbor: a biography of Devon life from 1920 (2012)

Judith Adam