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Devon Youth Jazz Orchester, December 1992 (1992)

James Ravilious: a life (2017)

Robin Ravilious

Sweet & sour: recollections of the Chinese elder communities in the South West of England (2007)

Shei Ling Wong

A match made in Devon (2018)

Cathy Bramley

The victory garden (2019)

Rhys Bowen

Non-league football tables of South West England 1892-2015 (2016)

Evie's allies (2016)

Kitty Danton

[Hutchings local history library catalogue] (2011)

Anthony J. Hutchings

Policing the West Country: 180 years of policing in Devon and Cornwall (2017)

Mark Rothwell

How and why was the Domesday made? (2017)

Stephen Baxter

Legend: a true story (2016)

Elizabeth Spencer

Trevor Beer's nature watch 3 (2012)

Trevor Beer

A rustle of silk (2016)

Alys Clare

21st-century yokel (2019)

Tom Cox

Some West Country birds in dialect and tradition (2010)

J. B. Smith (Folklorist)

Speed to the West: a nostalgic journey (2016)

Paul Atterbury

Death in Devon (2015)

Ian Sansom

The West Country winery (2019)

Lizzie Lovell

Devon during the First World War (2018)

Impermanent ways: the closed railway lines of Britain (2019)

Jeffery Grayer

Rail rover: western ranger (2018)

Stephen F. Heginbotham

Notes on the history of nursing in Devon (2003)

George L. Cantrell

Trencherman's guide: exquisite dining in the South West (2018)

The Royalist (2014)

S. J. Deas

The rosemary tree (2017)

Elizabeth Goudge

How Devon changed the world (a bit) (2017)

Paul White

Early Christianity in South-West Britain: Wessex, Somerset, Devon, Cornwall and the Channel Islands (2020)

Elizabeth Rees

The missing diamond: a Black & Dod historical mystery (2019)

Diane Janes

[Brooke index] (2003)

Brooke, Justin

Moule's county maps: The West of England, including the West Midlands (1994)

Thomas Moule

Killer ball at Honeychurch Hall (2016)

Hannah Dennison

The angel in the glass (2018)

Alys Clare

Philip's street atlas Devon and Plymouth (2017)

The grassling (2020)

Elizabeth-Jane Burnett

Evie's victory (2017)

Kitty Danton

Southern history: a review of the history of Southern England (2019)

Tracing your West Country ancestors: a guide for family historians (2013)

Kirsty Gray

Trencherman's guide: exquisite dining in the South West (2017)

Slow travel North Devon and Exmoor: local, characterful guides to Britain's special places (2019)

Hilary Bradt

Devon and Cornwall railfreight (2019)

David Mitchell

Farewell to Burracombe (2016)

Lilian Harry

Water at the roots: poems and insights of a visionary farmer (2018)

Philip Britts

Totally Ted!: witty reflections on modern life from a grumpy olf West County man (2017)

Sherrell, Ted

Another view from the terraces: The Western Football League 125 years (2017)

Sandie Webb

[North Devonshire and Somersetshire]

Devonshire, Dorsetshire, Somersetshire, Wiltshire

Philip Luckombe

The flint tools of north Devon

Townshend M. Hall

Prehistoric and Roman settlement in Devon and west Somerset

Aileen Fox (Lady)

Authors' counties 2: Devonshire: Mr. Blackmore

Sabine Baring-Gould (Reverend)

Bilbury Grange (1993)

Coleman, Vernon