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Surrounded by bells: infinite riches of Exeter churches (1980)

Exeter and the trams, 1882-1931 (2010)

Julia Neville

the street names of Exeter (2004)

Mike Walker


Twentieth century architecture (2001)

Eduardo Hoyos-Saavedra

Public inscriptions (1999)

Perrin, Den

Exeter Civic Society scrap book

Community mosaics (1998)

Hazel Harvey

Bartholomew Street: restoration or demolition ? conservation and renewal of the Bartholomew Street area (1977)

Gates of the Close (1996)

Michael Fodor

Exeter, a city saved ? (1977)

The Exeter calendar 1979 (1978)

Discovering Exeter. Lost churches (1995)

David Francis

Exeter, a city saved? (1977)

Discovering Exeter. West of the River (1989)

Hazel Harvey

Heavitree (1983)

Trevor Falla

St. Leonards (1982)

Gilbert Venn

Discovering Exeter. St. Davids [St. David's] (1981)

Joyce Greenaway

Sidwell Street (1987)

Hazel Harvey

Discovering Exeter. Sidwell Street (1985)

Hazel Harvey

Pennsylvania (1985)

Hazel Harvey