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Terns (2013)

David Cabot

Westward the women: a challenge to the women of today (1957)

Nancy Wilson Ross

British game. (1946)

Brian Vesey-Fitzgerald

The King's peace: 1637-1641 (1955)

C. V. Wedgwood

The building of Bath, 47-1947: an architectural and social study (1948)

Bryan Little

Trees, woods & man (1956)

Herbert L. Edlin

Wild orchids of Britain, with a key to the species (1951)

V. S. Summerhayes

British plant life (1948)

W. B. Turrill

Britain's structure and scenery (1955)

L. Dudley Stamp (Sir)

The world of the soil (1957)

E. John Russell (Sir)

Parish and empire: studies and sketches (1952)

Jack Simmons

Cheddar Gorge, a book of English cheeses (1937)

Squire, John Collings (Sir)

West Country (1951)

Grigson, Geoffrey

The Devon and Somerset staghounds, 1907-1936 (1936)

Edward T. MacDermot

Southey (1945)

Jack Simmons

Butterflies (1945)

E. B. Ford

British thrushes (1978)

Eric Simms

British birds of prey: a study of Britain's 24 diurnal raptors (1976)

Leslie Brown

Inheritance and natural history (1977)

R. J. Berry

British tits (1979)

Christopher Perrins

Waders (1980)

W. G. Hale

The art of botanical illustration (1950)

Wilfrid Blunt

The redstart (1950)

John Buxton

The yellow wagtail (1950)

Stuart Smith

Sea-birds: an introduction to the natural history of the sea-birds of the North Atlantic (1954)

James Fisher

An Angler's entomology (1956)

John R. Harris

Climate and the British scene (1952)

Manley, Gordon

Life in lakes and rivers (1951)

T. T. Macan

Reptiles and amphibians in Britain (1983)

Deryk Frazer

Mammals in the British Isles (1982)

L. Harrison Matthews

Birds of the night (1945)

Eric Hosking

London's natural history (1945)

Richard Fitter

Collins pocket guide to the sea shore (1958)

John H. Barrett

Fleas, flukes & cuckoos: a study of bird parasites (1952)

Miriam Rothschild

Ferns: their habitats in the British and Irish landscape (1988)

C. N. Page

Finding wild flowers (1971)

Richard Fitter

Collins guide to mushrooms & toadstools (1963)

Morten Lange

The pocket guide to wild flowers (1956)

David McClintock

An atlas of the wild flowers of Britain and northern Europe (1978)

Alastair Fitter

Plant life (1977)

C. T. Prime

Hedges (1974)

Ernest Pollard

The pollination of flowers (1973)

M. C. F. Proctor

Nature conservation in Britain, with a list of conservation areas in England, Wales and Scotland compiled by James Fisher (1969)

L. Dudley Stamp (Sir)

Grass and grasslands (1966)

Henry Ian Moore

The common lands of England & Wales (1963)

W. G. Hoskins

Weeds and aliens (1961)

Edward Salisbury (Sir)

Mountain flowers (1956)

J. E. Raven

Dartmoor (1953)

L. A. Harvey

The weald (1953)

S. W. Wooldridge

Flowers of the coast (1952)

Ian Hepburn