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The city on the hill: a life of the University of Exeter (2015)

Jeremy Black

Eighteenth century Exeter (1984)

Newton, Robert

Exeter's university: a history (2019)

Jeremy Black

My Exeter: students community guide 2018/19 (2018)

Recovery and restoration in an English county: Devon local administration, 1646-1670 (1985)

Stephen K Roberts

The staff of the University Service Station, Cowley Bridge, Exeter. 13.6.90 (1990)

The staff of the University Service Station, Cowley Bridge Road, Exeter. 13.6.90 (1990)

Education in the West of England, 1066-1548: Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Somerset, Wiltshire (1976)

Orme, Nicholas

Organic archaeological remains in Southwest Britain (1990)

Bryony Coles

Landscape and townscape in the south west (1989)

British directories: a bibliography and guide to directories published in England and Wales (1850-1950) and Scotland (1773-1950) (1988)

Shaw, Gareth

Problems and case studies in archaeological dating (1982)

Bryony Coles

Devon and Somerset mines: metalliferous and associated minerals 1845-1913 (1984)

Burt, Roger

Exeter essays in geography in honour of Arthur Davies (1971)

Kenneth John Gregory

The Dartmoor and Exmoor national park: changes in farming structure 1952-1972 (1976)

Elvet Talfryn Davies

Ports and shipping in the South-West (1971)

Harold Edward Stephen Fisher

The South-West and the sea: papers of a seminar on the maritime history of the South-West of England, held at Darlington Hall, 21-22 October 1967 (1968)

Harold Edward Stephen Fisher

Transport and shipowning in the west country (1973)

Harold Edward Stephen Fisher

The south-west and the land (1969)

Michael Ashley Havinden

Population and marketing: two studies in the history of the South-west (1976)

Walter E. Minchinton

Husbandry and marketing in the south-west, 1500-1800 (1973)

Havinden, Michael

West country maritime and social history: some essays (1980)

S Fisher

Provincial labour history (1972)

J. H. Porter

Farming and transport in the South-West (1972)

Walter E. Minchinton

Reactions to social and economic change 1750-1939 (1979)

Walter E. Minchinton

Education and labour in the south-west (1975)

J. H. Porter

Capital formation in South West England (1978)

Walter E. Minchinton

Industry and society in the South-West (1970)

Burt, Roger

Arthurian sites in the west. (1975)

Courtenay Arthur Ralegh Radford, Michael J. Swanton

Community Landscape Project: science and public participation: Newsheet 2 (2001)

Domesday essays (1986)

Holdsworth, Christopher

Exeter and its region (1969)

Frank Barlow

Tucker's Hall Exeter: the history of a Provincial City Company through five centuries (1968)

Joyce Youings

Agricultural movement: medieval and modern (1981)

Hemyock 1830 - 1850: a parish and its people in the past (1988)

Exeter excavations: the Guildhall site (1972)

John Collis

Female and child agricultural day labourers in Somerset c. 1685-1870: submitted by Helen Victoria Speechley to the University of Exeter as a thesis for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in economic ... (January 1999)

Helen Victoria Speechley

Maritime history at the University of Exeter: a bibliography of writings since 1964 (2006)

Celia M. King

Roman finds from Exeter (1991)

Neil Holbrook

The maritime history of Cornwall (2014)

Payton, Philip

Exeter University Arts Festival '68: March 3rd - 19th (1968)

Centre for South Western Historical Studies: review, 27 May 1993 (1993)

Hiddem histories: a South West poetry project (2008)

Hidden ..

James Owen Court in Exeter's Sidwell Street. 6.10.1994 (1996)

Ffoulkes, John

[James Owen Court, Sidwell Street, Exeter]. 8.11.1996 (1996)

Meredith, Derek

The University of Exeter: a history (2010)

B. W. Clapp

John Norden's manuscript maps of Cornwall and its nine hundreds (1972)

Ravenhill, William [Norden, John]

John Norden's manuscript maps of Cornwall and its nine hundreds (1972)

Ravenhill, William [Norden, John]

Farming in Devon: changes since 2002 and developments in the near future (2007)

Allan Butler

The military revolution and the state 1500-1800 (1980)

Duffy, Michael