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The archaeology of power: England and northern Europe AD 800-1600. (2001)

John M. Steane

Life in the Victorian & Edwardian workhouse (2007)

Michelle Higgs

P & A Campbell Steamers: the Victorian era (2006)

Chris Collard

Before the lemons: a history of Bath Football Club RFU 1865-1965 (2003)

Kevin Coughlan

By waterway to Taunton: the Bridgwater and Taunton Canal (2007)

Tony Haskell

The earliest English: living and dying in early Anglo-Saxon England (2002)

Samantha Glasswell

Migrants and invaders: the movement of peoples in the Ancient World (2001)

Todd, Malcolm

The end of the Western Roman Empire: an archaeological investigation (2000)

Ellen Swift

Christian Celts: messages and images (1998)

Thomas, Charles

Later Anglo-Saxon England: life and landscape (1999)

Andrew Reynolds

The age of Athelstan: Britain's forgotten history (2004)

Paul Hill

Plundering the past: Roman stonework in medieval Britain (2000)

Tim Eaton

Offa's Dyke: history and guide (2003)

David Hill

Bristol Cathedral: history and architecture (2000)

Living archaeology (2001)

Philip Arthur Rahtz

The Welsh kings: the medieval rulers of Wales (2000)

Kari Maund

A concise guide to the parish church (2007)

Richard Hayman

Cambridge: the hidden history (1999)

Alison Taylor

Durobrivae: a Roman town between fen and upland (2004)

Garrick Fincham

Chester AD 400-1066: from Rome fortress to English town (2007)

David J. P. Mason

Roman towns in Britain (2003)

Guy De La Bédoyère

Eagles over Britannia: (the Roman Army in Britain) (2001)

Guy De La Bédoyère

Defying Rome: the rebels of Roman Britain (2003)

Guy De La Bédoyère

The decline and fall of Roman Britain (2000)

Neil Faulkner

Christianity in Roman Britain (2003)

David Petts

Romans and Christians (2002)

Dominic Janes

Byzantium Britain & the West: the archaeology of cultural identity AD 400-650 (2003)

Anthea Harris

The Welsh border: archaeology, history & landscape (2001)

Trevor Rowley

The archaeology of religious hatred in the Roman and early medieval world (2003)

Eberhard Sauer

Birdoswald Roman fort: 1800 years on Hadrian's Wall (2001)

Tony Wilmott

Gods with thunderbolts: religion in Roman Britain (2002)

Guy De La Bédoyère

garrison life at Vindolanda: a band of brothers (2002)

Anthony Birley

The golden age of Roman Britain (1999)

Guy De La Bédoyère

Death in medieval England (2001)

Dawn M. Hadley

Edward III (2005)

W. M. Ormrod

Companion to medieval England 1066-1485 (2000)

Nigel Saul

Historic gardens of Wiltshire (2004)

Timothy Mowl

Ironbridge: history and guide (1999)

Richard Hayman

The land of Lettice Sweetapple: an English countryside explored (1998)

Fowler, Peter

Romney Marsh: survival on a frontier (2000)

Jill Eddison

Sheep in the Cotswolds: the medieval wool trade (2005)

J. D. Hurst

A landscape revealed: 10,000 years on a chalkland farm (2000)

Martin Green

The Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Lindsey (2007)

Kevin Leahy

Verulamium: the Roman city of St Albans (2004)

Rosalind Niblett

Roystone Grange: 6000 years of a Peakland landscape (2006)

Richard Hodges

Historic gardens of Gloucestershire (2002)

Timothy Mowl

Roman Lincoln: conquest, colony, capital (2003)

M. J. Jones

Medieval town walls: an archaeology and social history of urban defence (2005)

O. H. Creighton

Long barrows of the Cotswolds: and surrounding areas (2004)

Timothy Darvill

Avebury: the biography of a landscape (2002)

Joshua Pollard (Archaeologist)