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A Glastonbury romance (1933)

Powys, John Cowper

Unknown Somerset: being a series of unmethodical explorations of the county (1927)

Donald Maxwell

William Dampier (1929)

Clennell Wilkinson

King Monmouth: being a history of the career of James Scott, the protestant Duke, 1659-1685 (1902)

Allan Fea

After Worcester fight (1904)

Allan Fea

Super flumina: angling observations of a coarse fisherman (1905)

Patron and place-hunter (1919)

Lloyd Charles Sanders

The day and other poems (1918)

Henry Chappell

Memoirs of the martyr king,: being a detailed record of the last two years of the reign of His Most Sacred Majesty King Charles the First (1646-1648-9) (1905)

Allan Fea

Moorish remains in Spain: being a brief record of the Arabian conquest of the peninsula with a particular account of the Mohammedan architecture and decoration in Cordova, Seville & Toledo (1906)

Albert Frederick Calvert

Terrors of the law: being the portraits of three lawyers ... (1902)

Francis Watt

The golden age / by Kenneth Grahame (1896)

Kenneth Grahame

Dream days / by Kenneth Grahame (1899)

Kenneth Grahame

The strange adventures of Mary Jane Stubbs (1933)

Dorothy Burroughs

Earth memories (1934)

Powys, Llewelyn

Dorset essays (1935)

Powys, Llewelyn

Drake: a pageant play in three acts (1925)

Louis Napoleon Parker

The John Keats memorial volume (1921)

The art of Thomas Hardy (1923)

Lionel Johnson

The Idolatry of science (1920)

Coleridge, Stephen

Rhymes of the Red Triangle ([1918])

Our hospital Anzac, British, Canadian ([1918])

Windmills (1923)

Frank Brangwyn

Towards new horizons (1919)

Fifty years of a showman's life (1919)

Thomas Forder Plowman

The island providence (1910)

Frederick Niven

On the left of the throne: a personal study of James, Duke of (1914)

Evan Nepean (Mrs)

Some reminiscences of an unclerical cleric (1926)

Arthur Goldring

Memories (1913)

Coleridge, Stephen

Somerset essays (1937)

Powys, Llewelyn

The wingless victory (1914)

The wingless victory (1907)

The holy mountain: a satire on tendencies (1910)

Reynolds, Stephen

Mrs.Dose the doctor's wife: a book on false nosery (1932)

Joyce Dennys

The picture story of Lorna Doone (1933)

R. D. Blackmore

Our girls in wartime: rhymes (1917)

The square egg and other sketches (1924)

Saki (Pseudonym of Hector Hugh Munro)

The toys of peace and other papers (1926)

Saki (Pseudonym of Hector Hugh Munro)

When William came (1926)

Saki (Pseudonym of Hector Hugh Munro)

The chronicles of Clovis (1926)

Saki (Pseudonym of Hector Hugh Munro)

Reginald, and Reginald in Russia (1926)

Saki (Pseudonym of Hector Hugh Munro)

Life and works of Ozias Humphry, R.A (1918)

George Charles Williamson

The call of dawn and other poems (1908)

Esme C. Wingfield-Stratford

Between-time poems (1909)

Davies, Oliver

A little chaff (1919)

Lavington, Margaret

Songs to Desideria and other poems (1907)

Coleridge, Stephen

The poems of Coleridge (1---)

Coleridge, Samuel Taylor

Footprints of former men in far Cornwall (1908)

R. S. Hawker (Reverend)

Footprints of former men in far Cornwall (1903)

R. S. Hawker (Reverend)

The memoirs of Susan Sibbald (1783-1812) (1926)

Susan Sibbald