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Looking at Cornish churches (2005)

Joanna Mattingly

The geology of Cornwall: an introduction (2008)

Robert Westwood

Cornwall's industrial past (2003)

Russell Holt

The Cornish seashore (2001)

Endymion Beer

The Devon seashore (2001)

Endymion Beer

China clay: traditional mining methods in Cornwall (1996)

Charles Thurlow

Cornwall's history: an introduction (2002)

Philip J. Payton

The story of St.Ives (2001)

Cyril Noall

Cornwall's railways (2002)

Tony Fairclough

The Cornish sea shore (2001)

Endymion Beer

Ancient Cornwall (2000)

Paul White

Clotted cream (2000)

Carolyn Martin

Cornish folk-lore (2000)

Robert Hunt

Wild flowers of the Cornish hedgerows (2000)

Trevor Beer

Wild flowers of the Devon hedgerows (2000)

Trevor Beer

Cornwall's engine houses (1999)

Denys Bradford Barton

Classic ghost stories from the Land's End (1998)

William Bottrell

Clotted cream (1999)

Carolyn Martin

Wild flowers of the Devon coast (1999)

Trevor Beer

Shipwrecks on Cornwall's North coast (1999)

Richard Larn

Shipwrecks of North Devon (1999)

Richard Larn

1000 Cornish place names explained (1999)

Julyan Holmes

Birds of Devon (1999)

Trevor Beer

Birds of Cornwall (1999)

Trevor Beer

Folk tales from the Land's End (1998)

William Bottrell

The story of the Cornish language (1998)

Peter Berresford Ellis

Industrial archaeology of Cornwall ([1969])

W. H. Curnow

Flowers of the Cornish coast ([1972])

Jean A. Paton

The Cornish smuggling industry (1997)

Paul White

The story of Truro Cathedral (1997)

Howard Miles Brown

Exploring Cornwall with your car (1970)

W. V. Hunter

Twelve walks on the Lizard (1996)

Bob Acton

The pixy book (1996)

Cornwall's best beaches and coves ([1981])

Discovering seals on the Cornish coast (1981)

Discovering Cornish seashores: a beachcomber's guide ([1981])

A mini guide to Cornish placenames, dictionary and phrases ([1981])

Piskies, spriggans, knockers and the small people: traditional tales from Cornwall (1981)

Tales of the Cornish wreckers ([1981])

John Vivian

Classic West Country ghost stories (1996)

Classic Devon ghost stories (1996)

Devon Legends (1996)

Devon customs and superstitions (1996)

Devonshire jokes and stories (1996)

Devonshire ..

Best Cornish Jokes (n.d.)

Old Cornwall ([1975?)

S. Daniell

Around the Lizard, Mount's Bay, Porthleven, Kynance, Lizard, Coverack, Helford River (1969)

A First Cornish anthology (1969)

The pasty book (1995)

Hettie Merrick

Cornish fairies (1995)

Robert Hunt