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Coins and treasure trove (1986)

P. Fleuret

Pleistocene vertebrates in the British Isles (1982)

A. J. Stuart

Sermons preached in the parish church of St. Mary the Virgin, Bruton, Somerset (1908)

Douglas L. Hayward

Samplers and tapestry embroideries (1913)

Marcus B. Huish

Trent in Dorset: biography of a parish (1969)

Annette Sandison

The life, progresses and rebellion of James, Duke of Monmouth (1844)

George Roberts

The English parish church (1930)

A. R. Powys

A village heritage: the story of Blandford St. Mary (1962)

T. F. Almack

More Dorset studies (1963)

Maureen B. Weinstock

Studies in Dorset history (1953)

Maureen B. Weinstock

Chronicles of the Devizes: being a history of the castle, parks, and borough of that name; with notices statistical, parliamentary, ecclesiastic, and biographical (1839)

James Waylen

The West of England and the exhibition, 1851 (1851)

Herbert Byng Hall

Local history in England (1959)

W. G. Hoskins

The vade-mecum of fly-fishing for trout (1851)

George Philip Rigney Pulman

Mediaeval Sherborne (1951)

Joseph Fowler

The Eighteenth century town: a reader in English urban history 1688-1820 (1990)

Education and society 1500-1800: the social foundations of education in early modern Britain (1982)

Rosemary O'Day

Poverty and policy in Tudor and Stuart England (1988)

Paul Slack

A social history of medicine (1977)

Frederick Fox Cartwright

Popular disturbances in England 1700-1870 (1979)

John Stevenson

Crime in early modern England 1550-1750 (1984)

J. A. Sharpe

The labouring classes in early industrial England, 1750-1850 (1986)

John Rule

Population and society, 1750-1940: contrasts in population growth (1985)

N. L. Tranter

The English family, 1450-1700 (1984)

Ralph A. Houlbrooke

Crime and society in England, 1750-1900 (1987)

Clive Emsley

The beauties of British antiquity; selected from the writings of esteemed antiquaries with notes and observations (1779)

John Collinson

The Western rising: an account of the rebellion of James Scott, Duke of Monmouth (1969)

Charles Chenevix Trench

Lundy: its history and natural history (1925)

Lewis R. W. Loyd

England in the age of Wycliffe (1899)

G. M. Trevelyan

The Temple Church (1843)

C. G. Addison

Time and chance (1943)

Joan Evans

Essays on the purpose of art (1914)

Russell Barrington (Mrs)

The birds of Somerset (1968)

Eileen Mary Palmer

An introduction to the modern classification of insects. Vol.II (1840)

J. O. Westwood

An introduction to the modern classification of insects. Vol.I (1839)

J. O. Westwood

Flowering plants of the Riviera (1914)

Harold Stuart Thompson

Figures and descriptions of the palaeozoic fossils of Cornwall, Devon and West Somerset (1841)

John Phillips (Geologist)

A West-India fortune (1950)

Richard Pares

The social history of the people of the southern counties of England in past centuries (1856)

George Roberts

Oral history and the local historian (1994)

Stephen Caunce

Wessex to AD 1000 (1993)

Barry Cunliffe

Chronicle of the 20th century (1988)

Family history and local history in England (1987)

David Hey

Local history in England (1984)

W. G. Hoskins

Wessex from AD 1000 (1986)

J. H. Bettey

Vicissitudes of families. 2nd series (1861)

Burke, Bernard

Somersetshire ([1862])

John Walker

Somersetshire ([1850])

J. Walker