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The diary of a provincial lady (2016)

Delafield, E. M.

East Warwickshire (1971)

Roy Millward

Willard Straight (1924)

Herbert Croly

Little Gloria...happy at last (1980)

Barbara Goldsmith

Europe in the sixteenth century. (1982)

David Maland

A horse called Hero (2013)

Sam Angus

Anglo-Saxon saints and scholars (1947)

Eleanor Shipley Duckett

History of the Cathedral church of Wells as illustrating the history of the cathedral church of the old foundation (1870)

Edward Augustus Freeman

A social history of archaeology: the British experience (1981)

Kenneth Hudson

Annals of a clerical family: being some account of the family and descendants of William Venn, Vicar of Otterton, Devon, 1600-1621 (1904)

John Venn

Thomas Poole and his friends (1888)

Henry Sandford (Mrs)

Historical studies (1903)

John R. Green

Earthwork of England: Prehistoric, Roman, Saxon, Danish, Norman and mediaeval (1908)

A. Hadrian Allcroft

Highways and byways in Somerset (1912)

Edward Hutton

The English poor law 1531-1782 (1990)

Paul Slack

Population change in north-western Europe, 1750-1850 (1988)

Michael Anderson

Enclosure and the small farmer in the age of the industrial revolution (1968)

G. E. Mingay

Enclosures in Britain, 1750-1830 (c1984)

Michael Turner

Approaches to the history of the western family, 1500-1914 (1980)

Michael Anderson

Disease, medicine and society in England 1550-1860 (1987)

Roy Porter (Social historian)

The Knights of St. John in Jerusalem and Cyprus, c.1050-1310 (1967)

Jonathan Riley-Smith

English towns and districts (1883)

Edward Augustus Freeman

Leaves from the Golden Bough (1924)

James George Frazer

A history of the British army (1912)

J. W. Fortescue (Sir)

A history of the British army (1910)

J. W. Fortescue (Sir)

A history of the British army (1910)

J. W. Fortescue (Sir)

British and Irish orchids: a field guide (1976)

D. M. Turner Ettlinger

Thomas Poole and his friends (1888)

Henry Sandford (Mrs)

Thomas Poole and his friends (1888)

Henry Sandford (Mrs)

Jack the treacle eater (1987)

Causley, Charles

Debrett's peerage and baronetage 1985 (1985)

Lucerna: studies of some problems in the early history of England (1964)

H. P. R. Finberg

Village sermons: preached at Whatley. Third series (1897)

Richard William Church

Westward (1936)

Arthur L. Salmon

Coleridge (1889)

H. D. Traill

On the artificial production of tubercle in the lower animals (1868)

Wilson Fox

Village sermons: preached at Whatley (1892)

Richard William Church

An English holiday with car and camera (1908)

James John Hissey

Sydney Smith (1905)

George W. E. Russell

Somerset and East Devon (1971)

Roy Millward

Highways and byways in Somerset (1923)

Edward Hutton

Fielding (1889)

Dobson, Austin

Wild flowers (1935)

Homer D. House

Wanderings in South America, the north-west of the United States, and the Antilles, in the years 1812, 1816, 1820 and 1824 (1878)

Charles Waterton

Romance of the insect world (1893)

L. N. Badenoch

A text-book of botany (1908)

Eduard Strasburger

The yew-trees of Great Britain and Ireland (1897)

John Lowe

The fertilisation of flowers (1883)

Hermann Muller

The student's flora of the British Islands (1884)

Joseph Dalton Hooker (Sir)

The scenery of Switzerland and the causes to which it is due (1896)

John Lubbock (1st Baron Avebury)