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American prisoners f war at Dartmoor war deoot (1813-1815) (2007)

Trevor James

The land we left behind: a pictorial history and memories of the war years in the South Hams ([2004])

Robin Rose-Price

The living history of our hedgerows (2001)

Lesley Chapman

A history of Chudleigh's water supply (n.d)

Desmond Shears

A history of Kingsbridge and Salcombe (2002)

Born, Anne

From the heart of Devon: countryside garden to kitchen (2006)

Merle Warner

The American forces at Salcombe and Slapton during World War 2 (2005)

Muriel Murch

The railways,Quarries and Cottages of Foggintor (1976)

Kath Brewer

Dartmoor Follies: human eccentricity in the natural landscape (2002)

Philip Knowling

A Salcombe photograher: images from the collection of A.E. Fairweather (2008)

A. E. Fairweather

Mayhem, murder and mystery in Devon (2008)

Chard, Judy

Tales of old Ockington: reliving 2000 years in Okehampton, a Dartmoor community (2002)

Alan Endacott

The Chudleigh book (2009)

The tower on the hill: Haldon Belvedere and the Palks of Haldon House (2008)

Christopher Pidsley

All along, down along, Widecombe way (2003)

The Torquay Marine Spa 1851-1971 (2000)

Frank Pearce

The history of Widecombe Fair (2007)

Geology of the South Hams coast: coastline rocks: Bigbury Bay to Start Bay, Devon (2006)

Mary Cove

Over the wall and away: more escapes from Dartmoor prison (2006)

Trevor James

Start Point and its lighthouse: history, map and guide (2006)

Roger Barrett

About Dartmoor prison (2001)

Trevor James

Dartmouth to Salcombe: a pictorial guide to the coastline (2006)

Robin Rose-Price

Prisoners of war in Dartmoor towns: French and American officers on parole, 1803-1815 (2000)

Trevor James

Preparing for D Day: American assault exercises at Slapton Sands (2005)

Arthur L. Clamp

Torcross and Slapton Ley (2005)

Robin Rose-Price

Bodies on the moor (2004)

Trevor James

One hundred years and more of Ponsworthy (2006)

Pint to pint: pub walks in the South Hams ([2003?])

Hesketh, Robert

A pictorial history of Kingsbridge and the surrounding area (from the Cookworthy Museum collection) ([2003])

Sue Linton

400 years in Torcross 1602-2002: a pictorial history (2002)

Robin Rose-Price

Dartmoor prisoner of war depot and convict jail (2002)

Trevor James

Dartmoor naturalist: woodlands (2001)

Tony Hills

Verse or two on Dartmoor: a personal view of life around Scorriton and Holne (1992)

Garth Grose

The living history of our hedgerows (1994)

Lesley Chapman

The birds and natural history of the South Hams (2000)

Gordon Waterhouse

There's one away: escapes from Dartmoor Prison (1999)

Trevor James

Let's go letterboxing: a beginner's guide (1998)

Janet Palmer (Devon author)

Early Dartmoor farmhouses: longhouses in Widecombe parish (1998)

Elizabeth Gawne

Tarka the otter puzzler (1997)

Lesley Chapman

Tarka the otter activity book (1997)

The clapper bridges of Dartmoor and some myths and tall tales of the moor ([2012])

John Stuart (Historian)

Uncle Tom Cobley: Widecombe in the Moor (1996)

Peter Hicks

Yammets in the sugar bowl: more reflections of a Devon incomer (1996)

Tricia Gerrish

Out of the smoke: a new life in the Devon countryside ([1996])

Sonya O'Donoghue

Grimspound and Hound Tor: two deserted settlements ... (1996)

Lesley Chapman

A literary tour of Devon (1996)

Paul Wreyford

The Dartmoor puzzler ii: a quiz & puzzle book for all (1996)

Barbary pirates off the Devon coast: the raids of the 17th century corsairs on England's westcountry (1996)

Sadru Bhanji

Poetic legend and lore of the South Hams and Dartmoor: poems and illustrations (1995)

Mary Wensley White

Zee 'ee dreckly (1995)

John Germon