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Seeing beneath the soil: prospecting methods in archaeology (1996)

Anthony Clark

British rings 800-1914 (1974)

Charles Oman

Local style in English architecture: an enquiry into its origin and development. (1947)

Thomas Dinham Atkinson

The mediaeval styles of the English parish church (1936)

F. E. Howard

Timber building in England, from early times to the end of the seventeenth century (1951)

Fred H. Crossley

Gothic England: a survey of national culture, 1300-1550 (1947)

Harvey, John

Maps and map makers (1949)

Ronald Vere Tooley

Henry Yevele 1320-1400: the life of an English architect (1944)

John H. Harvey

English church craftsmanship (1941)

Fred H. Crossley

English church monuments 1510 to 1840 (1946)

Katharine A. Esdaile

The age of Inigo Jones (1953)

James Lees-Milne

Estates and the English countryside: 'wealth, rank and ostentation in the landscape' (1993)

J. H. Bettey

Timber castles (1992)

Robert Higham

The small towns of Roman Britain (1990)

Barry C. Burnham

Church archaeology (1989)

Warwick Rodwell

Tudor renaissance (1951)

James Lees-Milne

English Heritage book of Glastonbury (1993)

Philip Arthur Rahtz

Roman military equipment: from the Punic Wars to the fall of Rome (1993)

M. C. Bishop

English Heritage book of Tintagel: Arthur and archaeology (1993)

Thomas, Charles

Church and parish: an introduction for local historians (1987)

J. H. Bettey

Woodland crafts in Britain: an account of the traditional uses of trees and timbers in the British countryside (1949)

Herbert L. Edlin

Bath (1948)

R. A. L.  Smith

English popular art (1951)

Margaret Lambert

English mediaeval architects: a biographical dictionary down to 1550 (1954)

Harvey, John

National Trust guide: buildings (1948)

James Lees-Milne

The growth of the English house:a short history of its architectural development from 1100-1800 (1909)

J. Alfred Gotch

The English home from Charles I to George IV: its architecture, decoration and garden design (1918)

J. Alfred Gotch

English decorative plasterwork of the Renaissance (1926)

Margaret Jourdain

English church fittings furniture and accessories (1923)

John Charles Cox

The manor houses of England (1910)

Peter Hampson Ditchfield

Old crosses and lychgates (1920)

Aymer Vallance

Greater English church screens, being great roods, screenwork and rood-lofts in cathedral, monastic and collegiate churches in England and Wales (1947)

Aymer Vallance

English folklore (1940)

Christina Hole

Old English household life (1939)

Gertrude Jekyll

The West of England (1949)

Manning-Sanders, Ruth

Record sources for local history (1987)

Philip Riden

English Costume: From the second century, B.C. to 1950 (1952)

Doreen Yarwood

The English abbey (1935)

Fred H. Crossley

Fieldwork in medieval archaeology (1974)

Christopher Taylor

The Perpendicular style, 1330-1485 (1978)

Harvey, John

The Roman villa: an historical introduction (1976)

John Percival

Life and work of the people of England: a pictorial record from contemporary sources (1928)

Dorothy Hartley

Life and work of the people of England: a pictorial record from contemporary sources (1928)

Dorothy Hartley

Interpreting the landscape: landscape archaeology in local studies (1985)

Mick Aston

Fieldwork for archaeologists and local historians (1987)

A. E. Brown

Bristol (1951)

Tudor Edwards

Bath (1945)

R. A. L.  Smith

Victorian and Edwardian Somerset from old photographs (1977)

David Bromwich

Techniques of archaeological excavation (1977)

Philip Barker

The towns of Roman Britain (1975)

John Wacher