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Pauper ancestors: a guide to the records created by the poor law in England and Wales (2011)

David T. Hawkings

Roman Bath: a new history and archaeology of Aquae Sulis (2021)

Peter Davenport

Roman Bath: a new history and archaeology of Aquae Sulis. (2021)

Peter Davenport

The little history of Devon (2021)

Suze Gardner

The Great Western Railway in the First World War (2010)

Sandra Gittins

Devon ghost tales (2018, 1976)

Janet Dowling

A quiet country town: a celebration of Westland at Yeovil (2021)

David Gibbings

Revealing the buried past: geophysics for archaeologists (2010)

C. F. Gaffney

Schoolboy, servant, GWR apprentice: the memoirs of Alfred Plumley 1880-1892 (2017)

Alfred Plumley

Five million tides: a biography of the Helford river (2019)

Christian Boulton

The little book of Somerset (2018)

Maurice Fells

The little history of Somerset. (2020)

Mike Dean

Devon folk tales for children (2019)

Leonie Jane-Grey

Drawing Somerset's past: an illustrated journey through history, by Time Team artist Victor Ambrus and Steve Minnitt. (2018)

Victor G. Ambrus

Glastonbury, the Templars and the Sovran cloth: A new perspective on the Grail legends (2012)

Juliet Faith

Hidden Depths: Women of the RNLI (2010)

Sue Hennessy

Bound for Australia: A guide to the records of transported convicts and early settlers (2012)

David T. Hawkings

Bloody British history: Somerset (2012)

Andrew May (Doctor)

Somerset folk tales (2012)

Sharon Jacksties

Somerset: then & now in colour (2012)

Nick Chipchase

Almshouses: A Social and Architectural History (2008)

Brian Howson

Wings over Somerset: Aircraft crashes since the end of World War II (2012)

Peter Forrester

Fishing around the Bristol channel (2011)

Mike Smylie

Saving the West Somerset Railway: the branch line that refused to die (2011)

John Parsons (Railway author)

Growing up in wartime Somerset: a portrait in watercolour (2011)

Syd Durston

The search for the Durotriges: Dorset and the west country in the late Iron Age (2011)

Martin Papworth

More Somerset murders (2011)

Nicola Sly

Bridgwater and the River Parrett (2011)

Rod Fitzhugh

A grim almanac of Bristol (2011)

Nicola Sly

The Knights Templar in Somerset (2009)

Juliet Faith

Life and letters at Bath in the eighteenth century (2009)

Alfred Barbeau

The grand pier at Weston-Super-Mare (2009)

Sharon Poole

West country murders (2009)

Nicola Sly

Around Somerset (2008)

Nick Chipchase

Cadbury Castle: The hillfort and landscapes (2008)

Richard Tabor

The white funnel album: P&A Campbell steamers 1919-1960 (2008)

Chris Collard

Minehead to Watchet (2006)

Glyn Court

Somerset murders (2008)

Nicola Sly

A quiet country town: a celebration of 100 years of Westland at Yeovil (2015)

David Gibbings

Hadrian's Wall: history and guide (2008)

Guy De La Bédoyère

The people and kingdom of Kent AD 400-1066: their history and archaeology (2010)

Stuart Brookes

Any Muddy Bottom: a history of Somerset's waterborne trade (2015)

Geoffrey Body

Butlin's: 75 years of fun! (2011)

Sylvia Endacott

The A-Z of curious Somerset: strange stories of mysteries, crimes and eccentrics (2013)

Geoffrey Body

Criminal ancestors: a guide to historical criminal records in England and Wales (2008)

Hawkings, David

Glastonbury: Myth and archaeology (2009)

Philip Arthur Rahtz

Crimson snow: Britain's first disaster in Afghanistan (2010)

Jules Stewart

A grim almanac of Somerset (2011)

Nicola Sly

A year in the life of Somerset County Cricket Club through the eyes of its chairman (2013)

Andy Nash

The Severn tsunami?: the story of Britain's greatest natural disaster (2013)

Mike Hall