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Tudor and Stuart Devon: the common estate and the government : essays presented to Joyce Youings (1992)

God's exiles and English verse: on the Exeter anthology of old English poetry (2018)

John D. Niles

Exeter's university: a history (2019)

Jeremy Black

Domestic wooden artefacts in Britain and ireland from neolithic to Viking times (1993)

Caroline Earwood

The archaeology of iron production: Romano-British evidence from the Exmoor region (2006)

Lee S. Bray

The archaeology of iron production: Romano-British evidence from the Exmoor region (2006)

Lee S. Bray

Maps and history in South-West England (1991)

Katherine Barker

North Devon pottery: the seventeenth century (1983)

Alison Grant

Topographical writers in South-West England (1996)

Brayshay, Mark

Loyalty and locality: popular allegiance in Devon during the English Civil War (1994)

Mark Stoyle

Landscape and settlement in Britain, AD400-1066 (1995)

Hooke, Della

English church dedications: with a survey of Cornwall and Devon (1996)

Orme, Nicholas

English local studies handbook: a guide to resources for each county including libraries, record offices, societies, journals and museums (1992)

Susanna Guy

The Mary Fletcher: seven days in the life of a Westcountry coasting ketch (1990)

Edmund Eglinton

Making a christian landscape: the countryside in early medieval Devon Cornwall and Wessex (2006)

Turner, Sam

The liberal party in South West England since 1918 (2000)

Garry Tregidga

Hen Domen, Montgomery: a timber castle on the English Welsh border: a final report (2000)

Robert Higham

Vita Sancti Wilfridi auctore Edmero: the life of Saint Wilfried by Edmer (1998)


The new Reading the Landscape: fieldwork in landscape history (2000)

Richard Muir

Dartmoor's alluring uplands: Transhumance and pastoral management in the Middle Ages (2012)

H. S. A. Fox

Making a Christian landscape: the countryside in early medieval Cornwall, Devon and Wessex (2006)

Turner, Sam

Mining in a medieval landscape: The royal silver mines of the Tamar Valley (2009)

Stephen Rippon

Medieval and post-medieval finds from Exeter, 1971-1980 (1984)

J. P. Allan

Coastal and river trade in pre-industrial England: Bristol and its region 1680-1730 (2000)

David Hussey

Historical atlas of south-west England (1999)

R. J. P. Kain

Mining in Cornwall and Devon: mines and men (2015)

Burt, Roger

Water in the city: the aqueducts and underground passages of Exeter (2014)

Mark Stoyle

Mining in a Medieval landscape: The Royal Silver Mines of the Tamar Valley (2009)

Stephen Rippon

Cornish studies: second series : 13 (2005)

Additional thoughts on the medieval 'Cornish Bible' (2006)

Matthew Spriggs

I-affection in Breton and Cornish (2006)

Nicholas J. A. Williams

Cornish or klingon?: the standardization of the cornish language (2006)

Bernard Deacon

The importance of metaliferous mining sites in Cornwall for wildlife (with special reference to insects) (1995)

Adrian Spalding

Bewnans Ke: the Life of St Kea : a critical edition with translation (2007)

A.L.Rowse and Cornwall: a paradoxical patriot (2007)

Payton, Philip

Making Moonta: the invention of Australia's little Cornwall (2007)

Payton, Philip

Plymouth (1999)

Brayshay, Mark

Exeter in the twentieth century (1999)

Gilg, Andrew

Map evidence of the growth of Exeter during the nineteenth century (1999)

Oliver, Richard

Exeter cathedral (1999)

Orme, Nicholas

The city of Exeter from AD 50 to the early nineteenth century (1999)

Henderson, C. G.

Retail development and the changing shopping hierarchy in the late twentieth century (1999)

Shaw, Gareth

Commerce and marketing 1800-1914 co-operative retailing (1999)

Purvis, Martin

Retail trading 1850-1939 (1999)

Andrew Alexander

The growth of tourism in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries (1999)

Shaw, Gareth

Early tourist destinations the influence of artists' changing landscape preferences (1999)

Peter Howard

Town and country planning in the twentieth century (1999)

Gilg, Andrew

Morphological development of towns since the middle ages (1999)

Brayshay, Mark

Towns and processes of urbanization in the early modern period (1999)

Jonathan Barry

Medieval town plans (1999)

Slater, T. R.