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The Romans in the Bristol area (1969)

Keith Branigan

Bristol and the slave trade (1963)

C. M. MacInnes

The port of Bristol in the sixteenth century (1977)

Jean Vanes

Prehistoric Bristol: the prehistory of the Lower Bristol Avon (1969)

Leslie V. Grinsell

Country carriers in the Bristol region in the late nineteenth century (1986)

Kenneth O. Morgan

John Whitson and the merchant community of Bristol (1970)

Patrick McGrath

The rise of a gentry family: the Smyths of Ashton Court, c1500-1642 (1978)

J. H. Bettey

Bristol at the time of the Spanish Armada ((1988))

Jean Vanes

Bristol parish churches during the Reformation, c1530-1560 (1979)

J. H. Bettey

The Bristol riots (1974)

Susan Thomas

The medieval churches of Bristol (1970)

M. Q. Smith

Nineteenth century engineers in the port of Bristol (1971)

R. A. Buchanan

The Bristol Hotwell (1961)

Vincent Waite

Bristol shipbuilding in the nineteenth century (1971)

Grahame E. Farr

The merchant adventurers of Bristol in the fifteenth century (1962)

Eleanora Mary Carus-Wilson

St Augustine's Abbey, Bristol (1996)

J. H. Bettey

The Bristol region in the sub-Roman and early Anglo-Saxon periods (2006)

David Higgins

Bristol in the eighteenth century (1972)

The first historians of Bristol: William Barrett and Samuel Seyer (2003)

J. H. Bettey

Hannah More (1999)

M. J. Crossley Evans

The 1832 cholera epidemic and its impact on thecCity of Bristol (2005)

Sue Hardiman

The history of the Bristol region in the Roman period (2005)

David Higgins

Bristol and the War of the Roses, 1451-1471 (2004)

Fleming, Peter

Bristol Castle: a political history (2004)

Fleming, Peter

Bristol 1920-1926 (2003)

John Lyes

Bristol's merchants and the Great Western Railway (2002)

Cyril Gibson

All the news that's fit to print: a short history of Bristol's newspapers since 1702 (2001)

John Penny

Post-war Bristol 1945-1965: twenty years that changed the city (2000)

The Marian martyrs and the Reformation in Bristol (1972)

K. G. Powell (Bristol historian)

William Hogarth's Bristol altar piece (1980)

M. J. H. Liversidge

A strong smell of brimstone': the solicitors and attorneys of Bristol 1740 to 1840 (1999)

John Lyes

Up, up and away!: an account of ballooning in and around Bristol and Bath 1784 to 1999 (1999)

John Penny

Edward Colston and Bristol (1999)

Kenneth O. Morgan

Bristol's civil defence during World War Two (1998)

John Penny

William Canynges (1402-1474): Mayor of Bristol and Dean of Westbury College (1985)

J. W. Sherborne

The Princes of Park Row (1983)

Don Carleton

The Theatre Royal Bristol: decline and rebirth 1834-1943 (1966)

Kathleen Barker

Electricity in Bristol 1863-1948 (1981)

Peter G. Lamb

The Bristol post office in the age of Rowland Hill 1837-1864 (1983)

Daniel Briggs

The anti-slave trade movement in Bristol (1968)

Peter Marshall

Bristol and the wine trade (1984)

Anne Crawford

Country carriers in the Bristol region...late 19th.. (1987)

Kenneth O. Morgan

The voluntary medical institutions of Bristol (1984)

C. Bruce Perry (Physician)

Bristol and America 1480-1631 (1997)

Patrick McGrath

The Oxford Movement in nineteenth century Bristol (1988)

Peter G. Cobb

The port of Bristol in the sixteenth century (1977)

Jean Vanes

Bristol and the promotion of the Great Western Railway (1985)

Geoffrey Channon

Education and apprenticeship in sixteenth-century Bristol (1982)

Jean Vanes

Bristol's sugar trade and refining industry (1996)

Donald Jones

Prehistoric Bristol: the prehistory of the lower Bristol Avon (1969)

Leslie Valentine Grinsell