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A hero of the workshop, and a Somersetshire worthy, Charles Summers, sculptor: the story of his struggles and triumph (1879)

Margaret Thomas

Rural rides (1847, )

Church-Goer (Pseudonym)

Somerset, with the Severn sea: a poem with historical and miscellaneous notes (1867)

John Draper

Addresses and sermons delivered on the occasion of a meeting of two clerical associations at Weston-super-Mare ... (1849)

J. Haldane Stewart

An account of a method of etching or engraving viâ siccâ, by means of voltaic electricity (1848)

James Hurley Pring

Twelve Sermons by clergymen of the Church of England (1847)

The sorrows and joys of a consumptive, and other poems, with ... an introductory sketch of the life of the author by J.H. Stephenson ([1845])

John Follett

The consolation and duty of churches under the loss of eminent ministers: a funeral sermon, occasioned by the death of the Rev. Wm. Jay, preached in the Vineyards Chapel, Bath, on Thursday, Jan. 5, ... (1854)

John Angell James

The times: their signals, and their obligations, a pastoral address to the congregation of Lympsham, Somerset, January 1st, 1849 (1849)

Joseph Henry Stephenson

An address presented to his candidates for confirmation, and delivered ... May 18th 1846 (1846)

Joseph Henry Stephenson

A treatise on the physical cause of the death of Christ, and its relation to the principles and practice of Christianity (1847)

William Stroud

Holy scripture the test of truth: an appeal to its paramount authority against certain passages in Dr Hancock's "Defence," and in the writings of Barclay and Penn (1835)

Richard Ball

Friendship and other poems (1883)

Joseph Henry Stephenson

The pacificator: being a free inquiry into the custom of war among Christian nations ... (1826)

George Wood

The husbandman's spiritual monitor, containing remarks, doctrinal, practical and experimental ... connected chiefly with husbandry (1835)

W. H. Braund

Addresses and sermons delivered on the occasion of a combined clerical meeting at Weston-super-Mare on July 5 and 6, 1853 (1853)

Hugh McNeile

Narrative of a voyage to the South Seas, with the shipwreck of the Princess of Wales cutter, on one of the Crozets, uninhabited islands; with an account of a two years' residence on them by the crew, ... (1832)

Goodridge, Charles Medyett

Private memoirs, (never before published) of John Potenger, Esq. Comptroller of the Pipe ... in the reign of Charles II ... (1841)

John Potenger