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Forced landing: the last flight of a Viscount (2019)

Jim Rider

The adoptive boy (1992)

Gordon Forbes

Yesterday's flight path (1988)

Geoffrey Salisbury

The toymaker (1984)

Masry MacGregor

Virgil's time (2010)

Norma Hill

A place in time (2002)

Norma Hill

Family chronicle (1984)

Charles Brundrett

My name is Matilda (2009)

David White

Murder by proxy (2007)

Marjorie Stiling

Out of the frying pan (2005)

Mark Naylor

The Ever-Rolling Stream: or The Pilot Plantagenet (199-)

D. J. Perry

Perfidia (2003)

Yvonne Voice

Thy will be done (2000)

Wendy Hayden Sadler

Tangye (2000)

David Power

I Merlin: an historical recreation (2000)

Christopher Davson

The sun islands: a natural history of the Isles of Scilly (1999)

Patrick Coulcher

Foul contagion (1998)

Toni Lilly

The young fighter pilot (1997)

Faulkner, Charles

A Cross by the Wall (1992)

D. J. Perry

The Masada franchise (1997)

Chris Drewitt

The riverside collection of poetry (1992)

Stanley Oliver

A cocktail - pain and pleasure: a sportsman's guide to injury (1995)

Malachy Smyth

Thank you very much (1994)

Mark Phillips (Patient)

The dreamer (1993)

Pamela Burgess

The evolution of the English manorial system (1987)

J. W. Molyneux-Child

History of the Bristol tractor (1993)

Geoff Stannard

Bodies and crime: a pathologist speaks (1992)

F. D. M. Hocking

Sir Walter Ralegh: gold was his star (1991)

Reginald Lawrence Charles Wood

Invasion (1991)

Bill Millin

Wild oats in Cornwall (1992)

Malcolm Phipps

The nodding rose (1991)

Hirell, Ann

A series of circles (1991)

David Ackroyd Gibson

Great characters in Dorset (1990)

James Chandler

Against the odds (1990)

Harold Mitchell

White spring (1990)

Evelyn Hilary

RAF Labuan Borneo (2014)

David Bale

Dorset harvest (1988)

James Brown