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Brighton's stately pleasure-dome: the Royal Pavilion (1964)

Clifford Musgrave

15th century spire: King's Norton, Warwickshire (1971)

Noel Habgood

Justice Shallow's gatehouse: Charlecote, Warwickshire (23/05/1968)

Kenneth Scowen

The treasures of Uppark (1956)

Gordon Nares

The white stone of Yorkshire (1959)

Arthur Oswald

Hanbury Hall, Worcestershire - II: a property of the National Trust, and the home of Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Bayliss (11/01/1968)

James Lees-Milne

Between Cathedral and City: High Street gate, Salisbury, Wiltshire [photograph] (24/02/1977)

G. F. Allen

The infant Thames at Ashton Keynes, Wiltshire [photograph] (30/04/1964)

Kenneth Scowen

The riddle of Stonehenge (1959)

Stuart Piggott

Anne Hathaway's cottage: Shottery, Warwickshire (1964)

Noel Habgood

Landscape in 17th century art (1961)

Denys Sutton

Clothiers' prosperity: Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire [photograph] (07/03/1974)

G. F. Allen

Coughton Court, Warwickshire: a property of the National Trust (1963)

Topiary in garden design (1956)

A. G. L. Hellyer

The Victorians as gardeners (1961)

A. J. Huxley

Edinburgh Vernacular: White Hose Close, Canongate (, 30/8/1973)

Noel Habgood

The significance of turf mazes (1959)

John McDonnell

The Drying Kiln, Preston Mill, East Lothian (04/07/1968, 30/8/1973)

Noel Habgood

A Welsh fortress veiled in antiquity (1967)

Mark Girouard

Solway Stronghold: Caerlaverock Castle, Dumfriesshire (19/06/1975, 30/8/1973)

H. D. Keilor

William Kent's royal patrons (1970)

Geoffrey Beard

The Inigo Jones legend (1961)

Arthur Oswald

The monuments of Grinling Gibbons (1964)

David Green

Harold Peto: architect and planter (1966)

Miles Hadfield

Second-hand architecture (1967)

Arthur Oswald

The forts of Alderney (1967)

Beryl Platts

Buildings that got in the way (1965)

Arthur Oswald

Palladian bridges in England (1982)

Christopher Hussey

Dorset Houses (1899 - 1908)

The Calvaries of Finistere (1967)

Peter Stone

Gower coast inlet: Three Cliffs Bay, Glamorgan (14/09/1967)

Hebridean calm: Coastguard Cottages at Duntulm, Skye (21/11/1968, 30/8/1973)

Noel Habgood

Arbury Hall, Warwickshire (1964)

Gordon Nares

Ponies on the slip: Robin Hood's Bay, Yorkshire [photograph] (29/07/1965)

The story of Montacute and its house; with notes on the heraldry at Montacute by Oswald Barron (1933)

H. Avray Tipping

Country houses of Dorset (1935)

Arthur Oswald

Dewponds in fable and fact: a collection and criticism of existing knowledge on these curiosities (1939)

Alfred J. Pugsley (Dewpond writer)

The 'Country Life' pocket guide to English domestic architecture (1967)

Arthur Leslie Osborne

Moated houses of England (1935)

R. Thurston Hopkins

Intimate sketches from bird life (1940)

Eric Hosking

Bird watching on Scolt Head (1928)

E. L. Turner

The truth about the cuckoo (1940)

Edgar P. Chance

Wildfowl of the British Isles (1957)

Peter Scott (Sir)

Historic thorn trees in the British Isles (1941)

Vaughan Cornish

Castles from the air (1949)

W. Douglas Simpson

Three day adventure (1948)

Elinore M. Havers

Older Mousie (1934)

Golden Gorse (Pseudonym)

Nature caricatures: sketches from Exmoor (1929)

F. C. Gould (Sir)

The young horse breakers (1946)

Golden Gorse (Pseudonym)

Clevedon Court (1955)

Arthur Oswald