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Building recording in 2016

Building recording in 2019 (2020)

Building recording in 2017

Stogursey, High Street, No. 16, Post Office

Stogursey, High Street, No. 18

Stogursey, High Street, No. 23, Stone Cottage

Stogursey, St Andrew's Road, No. 2, Cross Cottages Nos 1 and 2

Building recording in 2011

Building recording in 2010

Building recording in 2009

Winsham, East Whatley Farmhouse

West Monkton, Blundell's Farm

West Pennard, Woodlands Road, Penwood Farm

Thurloxton, Knotcraft Lane, Nos 51 & 52

Stogursey, Stolford, Little Dowdens Farmhouse, Sea Findings, Stolford Farmhouse, Sunshine Cottage

Stogursey, Stolford, Chalcott Farm, D'Arches, The Fisheries

Stogursey, Shurton, Shurton house, The Shurton Inn, Shurton Lodge & the Cottage

Stogursey, Shurton, Grove House, Old Mill house, Shurton Cottages, Shurton Court No. 2

Stogursey, Shurton, Ash Cottage , Little Ash, Fisher's

Stogursey, Lime Street, No. 4 & No. 24, Darley House

Stogursey, Lime Street, No. 2

Stogursey, High Street, No. 8

Stogursey, High Street, No. 72, Christmas Cottage

Stogursey, High Street, No. 58

Stogursey, Churhc Street, No. 1, Harford House

Stogursey, Burton, Knighton Farm

Stogursey, Burton, Culver Street Farm

Stogursey, Burton, Chilcot Acre

Stogursey, Burton, Burton Farm and No. 2

Somerton, Sutton Road, Springfield Farm

Somerton, Roche Bridge Cottage

Montacute, The Borough

Merriot, Bow Mill

High Ham, Henley, Henley Farm

East Lambrook, Silver Street, Pittard's Farmhouse

Crewkerne, South Street, No. 20

Building recording in 2007

Building recording in 2007

Building recording in 2007

Building recording in 2007

Building recording in 2007

Ashbrittle, Court Place ST054214

Somerset villages: the vernacular buildings of Shapwick (1996)

Stogursey project [maps and documents] (2007)

John Dallimore

Trent: a study of the houses and farms in the village of Trent and the hamlets of Adber and Hummer (2015)

The dovecotes of historical Somerset (2003)

John McCann

Traditional buildings in the Parish of Combe St Nicholas: An examination of fifty of the traditional houses and farms in the Parish (2008)

Somerset Villages: Compton Dundon, an examination and analysis of sixty of the traditional houses and farms in the parish surveyed 2000-2002 (2004)

Amended report, August 2001 - Manor Farmhouse, Meare (2001)

John Dallimore

Vernacular houses and farms of Butleigh (2001)