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Administrative director, Roy Hancock and matron, Penny Anning, beside the tree of light at the Exeter and District Hospice. 7.12.93 (1993)

Mark Nova

Matron, Penny Anning, welcomes Prof Jacek Luczak and a party of Polish palliative care workers to Exeter Hospice. 9.3.93 (1993)

Derek Meredith

The new Exeter Hospice. 11.3.92 (1992)

Presentation of a painting by John Miller to Exeter Hospice Chapel. 19.12.95 (1995)

David Marston

Vanessa Jessop, left, Caroline Wall and Margaret Ellis, kitchen staff at Exeter Hospice. 26.2.94 (1994)

Mark Nova

The new Exeter Hospice. 11.3.92 (1992)

Russian visitors welcomed to Exeter Hospice. 7.5.92 (1992)

Wilcox, Viccy

Roy Hancock, the administrative director, cuts the second birthday cake at Exeter Hospice. 15.6.94 (1994)

Lee Flaws

The regional director of Barclays Bank, Nicholas Maxwell-Lawford, presents a cheque and cake to the matron of the Exeter and District Hospice in celebration of its first anniversary. 17.3.93 (1993)

John Ffoulkes