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Devon tollhouses (1984)

John Kanefsky

Labour history in Devon and Cornwall (1972)

J. H. Porter

South-Western farming in South-Western fiction (1972)

George E. Fussell

The changing structure of agriculture and the position of the small farmer (1972)

Robert C Hine

Some aspects of the development of English dairying, 1860-1930, and their relation to the South-West (1972)

David Taylor

Seamen's missons and sailors' homes: spiritual & social welfare provision for seafarers in British ports in the 19 century (1987)

Alston Kennerley

James Silk Buckingham: sailor, explorer and maritime reformer (1987)

David M. Williams

British mercantile enterprise overseas in the ninteenth century: the example of James Lyle Mackay, first Earl of Inchape (1987)

Stephanie Jones

Tamar traffic, 1836-1900 (1987)

Amber Patrick

Some transactions of a Dartmouth privateer during the French wars at the end of the century (1987)

Colin Elliot

British privateering against the Dutch in the American revolutionary war, 1780-1783 (1987)

David J. Starkey

Who improved the eighteenth century longhorn cow? (1981)

Nicholas C Russell

The South West's other packet station: Weymouth, 1794-1845 (1980)

John Horace Lucking

The voluntary response to mass unemployment in South Wales (1979)

Peter Stead

Unemployment relief works in Southampton between the wars: a case study (1979)

Adrian J. Vinson

Secularisation and the care of the poor in Scotland (1979)

David E. Gladstone

The association between mortality and poverty in Exeter from the seventeenth century to the present (1976)

Mary Griffiths

The population of Cornwall before the first census (1976)

Norman J. G. Pounds

The declining years of Cornish tin mining (1975)

Rowe, John

The Manor Street free speech controversy of 1906: how the Plymouth S D F broke a pernicious circle (1975)

John Beresford

Adult education in early Victorian Torquay ; with particular reference to the contribution of the church (1975)

Geoffrey S. Duncan

An anatomy of illiteracy in mid-Victorian Devon (1975)

W. B. Stephens

A note on housebuilding in Exeter 1867-1940 (1978)

Brian Clapp

Capital formation and technological change in South-West England metal mining in the ninteenth century (1978)

Christopher J. Schmitz

Availability of capital in the West of England woollen industry (1978)

Kenneth G. Ponting

Capital formation: an economists view (1978)

Jeffrey H. Coates

The marketing of agricultural produce in metropolitan western England in the late seventeenth and eighteenth centuries (1973)

John A Chartres

The 1801 crop returns for Cornwall (1973)

Mark Overton

Outfield cultivation in Devon and Cornwall: a reinterpretation (1973)

H. S. A. Fox

Sheep, enclosures and watermeadows in Dorset agriculture in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries (1973)

J. H. Bettey

Photographic source material for the history of ports (1973)

John Gilman

The Development of road passenger transport between 1919 and 1939 (1973)

John Hibbs

Devon register of motor cars and motor cycles, 1903-1905 (1973)

Peter A. Kennedy

Shipowning in the South-West in its national context, 1800-1914 (1973)

R. S. Craig

Devon fishing vessels and their ownership, 1760-1880 (1973)

Anthony M. Northway

Coal, clothes and the navigation to Stroud 1730-1780 (1973)

Michael Handford

The 1913 China Clay strike and the workers union (1972)

Jack R. Ravensdale

How mobile was labour in ninteenth century Britain? (1972)

E. H. Hunt

The general strike of 1842: a study of leadership, organisation and the threat of revolution during the Plug Plot disturbances (1972)

P. C. Mather

The High farming era in Cornish agriculture (1972)

Rowe, John

Investment in transport in Devon and Cornwall 1750-1850 (1972)

John E. Ginarlis

British ship registry: The quantification of source material (1971)

R. C. Jarvis

Manuscript sources for industrial historians in the Devon Record Office (1970)

Margaret E. Cash

The Devonshire cloth industry in the early seventeenth century (1970)

David Seward

The Relief of poverty in Plymouth: The role of charitable benefactions 1480-1660 (1970)

John A. Miller-Hudson

Devon agriculture in the mid-eighteenth century: The evidence of the Milles enquiries (1969)

Robin Stanes

Regional variations in the Devon land market, 1536-1558 (1969)

John Kew

Shipping of the port of Dartmouth in the nineteenth century (1968)

John E. Horsley

Cargo handling and stowage: British cargo liner practice in the 1950s, with some reference to ninteenth century practice (1984)

Alston Kennerley

Merchant shipbuilding in the North East and South West of England, 1870-1913 (1984)

Stephanie Jones