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Genealogical history of the Stewarts, from the earliest period of their authentic history to the present times, containing a particular account of the origin and successive generations of the Stuarts ... (1798)

Andrew Stuart

Speed the plough: a comedy, in five acts. As preformed with universal applause at the Theatre-Royal, Covent-Garden (1800)

Morton, Thomas

Roman antquities : or, an account of the manners and custome of the Romans, - 2nd ed enlarged (1792)

Alexander Adam

The history of Great Britain during the reign of Queen Anne ... (1798)

Thomas Somerville

Private memoirs relative to the last year of ... Lewis XVI (1797)

Antoine Francois Bertrand de Moleville

Answers to certain resolutions of the lieutenancy and magistracy ...Cornwall...copper trade...Mr.Vivian's reply...Birmingham case (1800)

A report of the proceedings...upon a demurrer to our English information filed 1809: prefixed 1754 case.. (1812)