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the Selden family, descended from Richard 1720-1770 to the present day (1981)

Winifred D. Selden-Turner

the Selden family, descended from John Selden 1780-1852, and his wife Mary Selden 1780-1860 (1978)

Winifred D. Selden-Turner

The Courtenay Earls of Devon:: The formation and disintegration of a late medieval aristocratic family (1979)

Martin Cherry

The Harvey families of Inishowen, Co.Donegal and Maen, Co.Cornwall (1927)

G. H. Harvey

Rural settlement in Britain (1977)

Brian K. Roberts

The market towns of Southern England (1979)

A. D. Dyer

Sea view camping: the West Country (2016)

English towns 1500-1700 (1978)

John Patten

Hurrah for England:: schooling and the working class in Bristol (1979)

S. Humphries