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Batter my heart (1985)

Leech, Christopher

Slip on a pavement (1983)

Leech, Christopher

Deaf address (1984)

Leech, Christopher

A tale of Devon cats (1996)

Kevin D'Arcy

Lifetimes (1981)

Graham Taylor

Tanglewood: a mystery novel (1993)

Richard Stoker

The beloved islands (1989)

Sheila Vincent Edwards

Dartmouth drop (1982)

Percy Browne

Jesus put a song in my heart: poems by Pauline Ravenscroft (2000)

Pauline Ravenscroft

Cornish poems (1986)

Anthony Wood

Cornish thoughts in verse (1983)

Vivian A. Tregoning

Toby, Tom and me: holiday verses for all the family (1984)

Mary Howe

The band of youth (1983)

Nicholas John Child

False appearances and other poems (1983)

Catherine Caldwell

Father and son: a small collection of poems (1982)

Michael J. Barrett

Busking at the gates of hades (1982)

Colin L. Brown

Poems of the English countryside (1996)

Doreen Beer

Fleeting Years (1981)

Stephen Studd

Immortal muse (1984)

Annette Eick

The Mermaid and the rock and other poems (1983)

Sylvia Bird

A Song of Braunton and other verses (1974)

Kathleen Ellacott

At this time: a selection of poems (1984)

John Holmes

Braunton writers' magazine (1976-)

Reflections in rhyme (1982)

Bernard John Smith

Spycracker (1984)

Geoffrey Moxon

Harvest mouse Ferdy (1985)

Andrea R. Cutler

An astronaut's concern (1983)

Stewart Beer

My other half's gone missing: poems (1984)

Frederick C. Williams

Where tomorrow (1982)

Kim Whybrow

Regale (1984)

Kevin Walters

Lost moments in time (1982)

Miles Sommerton

Catch the rainbows (1983)

Patti Jane Smith

Waste of space: poems (1984)

Nigel B. Darvell

Simplicity (1984)

Jane E. McGinty

The rhythm of nature (1982)

W. A. McMyler

Woodland tales (1981)

Peggy Muncaster

Forty-one: poems (1982)

Barbara Morrison

Wings over Devon (1983)

Patricia C. Miller (Poet)

Memoirs of a nobody (1983)

Julian Chenery

Passing by (1983)

Emma Hood

The countryman's calender (1984)

Mary Gilchrist

The secret sadness (1984)

Cath Gerlack

A pocketful of poems (1983)

B. Duggan

Legion and other poems (1983)

Robin Du Boulay

A man inside (1982)

Keith Devine

Evening music: poems (1982)

Rebecca Bell

Pinkety pig (1982)

Weaire, G. C.

The joy that cannot sing in silence: 75 poems (1978)

Helen Robinson

Sand-castles in the snow: selected poems (1983)

P. H. Maycock

Isobella Matilda. Book two (1992)

Linda Ledger