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Orpheus redicsovered: the discovery of a possible figure of Orpheus on a lost Roman mosaic from Somerset (1994)

Anthony Beeson

Orpheus redicsovered: the quest for the lost mosaics of Newton St. Loe (1995)

Anthony Beeson

Roman villas (1988)

David E. Johnston

Roman villa and Roman coins

Harry Mengden Scarth

The Low Ham Roman bath: pictures showing the latest discoveries

Courtenay Arthur Ralegh Radford

Mosaics and room function ... fourth-century Romano-British villas

Patricia Witts

Coins at the Wraxall villa

George C. Boon

Orpheus and the Newton St Loe pavement in Bristol City Museum

Anthony Beeson

The Newton St Loe "Orpheus" pavement

Anthony Beeson

The discovery of a Roman villa at Shapwick and its Severan coin hoard of 9238 silver denarii (2001)

Richard Abdy

English church screens: being great roods, screenwork and rood-lofts of parish churches in England and Wales (1936)

Aymer Vallance