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Coastal heritage risk imagery in support of heritage planning and management in south west England: final report for Historic England (2016)

Robin McInnes

A parallel reality (2017)

James Lynch

There never was a finer day: landscape paintings of Wessex (2014)

James Lynch

Skylines: visionary paintings of Wessex (2006)

James Lynch

Antique paintings of England: West Country - Somerset (2018)

Julien Coallier

Sketches of scenery in the West of Somersetshire (c.1850)

A Lady (pseudonym)

Peter Heard's paintings of a West Country life (2012)

Peter Heard

A picture of Cornwall: contemporary artists and the inspirational landscape (2010)

Ray Balkwill

A picture of Devon: contemporary artists and the inspirational landscape (2008)

Ray Balkwill

Reference Room ([1952?])

Harold Murray

Crabtree near Plymouth ([1790?)

Payne, William

The Bristol scene: views of Bristol by Bristol artists from the collection of the City Art Gallery (1978)

Jennifer Gill

William Daniell R.A.: a voyage round Great Britain 1814-25 : a prospectus for a new issue...from Daniell's original copper... (1977)

An endless view: the artist and Exmoor (1995)

John Yeates

Catalogue of artists and works in the Devon collection (1979)

Elizabeth V. Pugh

The perfection of England: artist visitors to Devon c1750-1870 (1995)

Sam Smiles (Art historian)

Landscapes: the artist's vision (1991)

Peter Howard

The fabricated landscape: Dartmoor : exhibition organised by Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery, 17 July-17 August, 1989 (1989)

West Country landscape (1953)

Paintings of Dartmoor: eighteenth-twentieth century work (1985)

C. Jane Baker

Cottage near Crabtree (c.1810)

Payne, William

Crabtree (1812)

Prout, Samuel

Crab Tree (c.1830)

Henry Worsley