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Report on documents belonging to the feofees of the long bridge Bideford (1933)

Rogers, William Henry Hamilton

The Long bridge of Barnstaple. Part 1 and part 2 (1938)

Bruce W. Oliver

Bideford new bridge day, Sunday May 10th, 1987: souvenir programme (1987)

Old Cornish bridges and streams (1928)

Charles Henderson

Torridge Bridge and Bideford by-pass: a pictorial record (1987)

Sandra Yeo

The long bridge of Bideford (1987)

Frank E. Whiting

The Long Bridge of Bideford through the centuries (1945)

Frank E. Whiting

Bideford bridge (1933)

Rogers, William Henry Hamilton

The Story of the Long Bridge of Bideford from the fourteenth century (1925)

Clive Holland