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St. Saviours bridge in Ottery St.Mary (1993)

D. L. B. Thomas

Early bridges, etc (1926)

J. J. Alexander

Old Bideford bridge (1924)

Chope, R. Pearse

Two Bridges (1991)

D. L. B. Thomas

The Long bridge of Barnstaple. Part 1 (1938)

Bruce W. Oliver

The long bridge of Barnstaple (1946)

Bruce W. Oliver

Brannon's Bridge at Axmouth (1988)

A. T. Markwick

The medieval Larkbeare Bridge, Exeter (1981)

S. W. Brown

The medieval bridge and St Gabriel's Chapel at Bishop's Clyst (1982)

W. S. Brown

The iron bridge at Plymouth (1966)

Bideford Bridge is falling down (1969)

Muriel Goaman

Thorverton Bridge (1988)

A. Brian George

Rendell's hydraulic drawbridge at Bowcombe Creek (1986)

Keith S. Perkins

Early bridges, etc (1926)

Chope, R. Pearse

Old Bideford bridge (1923)

Chope, R. Pearse

Beckford bridge (1911)

Julia E. Chapple

The long bridge of Bideford (1902)

Alexander G. Duncan

The bridges over the River Tavy at Tavistock (1943)

Eric V. Kingdon

Bideford Bridge (1948)

Frank E. Whiting

Opening up South Devon: the Hopkins connection (1992)

Keith S. Perkins

Samuel Brown's plan to bridge the Tamar (1991)

Keith S. Perkins

The chronology of Devon's bridges (1992)

D. L. B. Thomas

An account of Sir Thomas Grenvile's tomb in Bideford church, and also of the Long bridge of Bideford (1899)

Roger Granville

Iron men of Shropshire come to Laira (1991)

Keith S. Perkins

Devon bridge names (1991)

D. L. B. Thomas

Roads and bridges of the Torridge Valley (2003)

Leonard R. Jackson

Bridging the Exe: a celebration of Devon's bridges over the River Exe (2003)

The Devon County Council (Yeo Bridge Barnstaple) scheme 1999 confirmation instrument 2000 (2000)

Barnstaple Western Bypass: non-technical summary of the environmental statement April 1999 (1999)

New bridge for Barnstaple (1998)

The Severn Bridges tolls order 1996 [correction] (1996)

The Long bridge of Barnstaple. Part 1 and part 2 (1938)

Bruce W. Oliver

The long Bridge of Bideford and Bideford under the restored monarchy (1930, )

Alexander G. Duncan

Bideford new bridge day, Sunday May 10th, 1987: souvenir programme (1987)

Lynmouth and North Devon flooding, with particular ... bridges (1953)

H. Criswell

Torridge Bridge and Bideford by-pass: a pictorial record (1987)

Sandra Yeo

The long bridge of Bideford (1987)

Frank E. Whiting

Tamar Bridge (1962)

The Long Bridge of Bideford through the centuries (1945)

Frank E. Whiting

Bideford bridge (1933)

Rogers, William Henry Hamilton

Old Devon bridges (1938)

Charles Henderson

The Story of the Long Bridge of Bideford from the fourteenth century (1925)

Clive Holland

An account of some old discoveries ... old bridge ...river Teign (1818)

P. T. Taylor

Chagford (1812)

Prout, Samuel

Okehampton (1811)

Prout, Samuel

Saltram (1812)

Prout, Samuel

Teignmouth Bridge, from the quay (1827)

C Rosenberg

Bideford bridge & town, North Devon (1830)