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Further additions to the dandelion (taraxacum) flora of Somerset

Simon J. Leach

Recent work on the SANHS herbarium, held at the Somerset Heritage Centre

Liz McDonnell

Somerset flower names

Average times of first flowering for Somerset plants

Walter Watson

The bulb fields of Somerset

Christopher Nicholson

Lilies of the field (1991)

O'Donoghue, Maureen

Mary's meadow and Letters from a little garden (1884)

Ewing, Juliana Horatia

Wild flowers of Dartmoor (2013)

Trevor Beer

The West Country is a garden: a wayfarer's companion (1993)

Catherine Hamilton

Devon's wild flowers (1974)

Trevor Beer

The wild flowers of the Isle of Purbeck, Brownsea and Sandbanks: where to find them with identification of similar species (2008)

Edward A. Pratt

Wild flowers walks in Dorset (2006)

Peter Cramb

Wildflowers of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly (2008)

Chapman, David

A comparison of the verge flora of a section of the Arne Road, Wareham, Dorset (2006)

Bryan P. Pickess

[Daisy and Rosehips] ([1880?])

Heath 1881 (1881)

Bellinzona May 29th ([1880?])

Losses and threatened losses from the Somerset flora (1987)

R. G. B. Roe

The flora of walls in the Chew Valley 'mud plains' in North Somerset in 1989 (1990)

R. M. Payne (Naturalist)

Wild flower walks in Dorset (2006)

Peter Cramb

Wild flowers of the Bailiwick of Guernsey, including Alderney, Sark and Herm: a coloured guide (2004)


Wild flowers of Exeter: a snapshot in time of our native flora ([2000])

Marjorie Blamey's wild flowers by colour: the simple way to identify flowers (2005)

Marjorie Blamey

Wild flowers of Braunton Burrows (2004)

Mary Breeds

Flora of Guernsey and the lesser Channel Islands: namely Alderney, Sark, Herm, Jethou and the adjacent islets (1901)

Ernest David Marquand

The Hedgerow Year (2003)

Sandra Chalton

Wildflowers of the mid-Devon hedgerows (2003)

Sandra Chalton

The flora of Combe Martin (1946)

H. W. Pugsley

Some corrections and additions to "Flora of Devon", 1939 (1941)

G. T. Fraser

The flora of the Bristol region (2000)

Ian P. Green

Wild flowers of the Dorset coast path (2003)

Peter Cramb

Victorian wild flowers of Devon (2001)

Devon's wild flowers (1974)

Trevor Beer

Wild flowers of the Cornish hedgerows (2000)

Trevor Beer

Wild flowers of the Devon hedgerows (2000)

Trevor Beer

Flowers of the field ([1851])

Charles Alexander Johns

West Devon and Cornwall flora (1836)

J. Jacob (Reverend)

The atlas flora of Somerset (1997)

A geographical handbook of the Dorset flora ([1948])

Ronald Good

Flowering plants and ferns of Sidmouth and its vicinity (1846, )

Ilfracombe wild flowers. (1936)

Alexis and his flowers: Flower lore for boys and girls (1891)

Beatrix F. Cresswell

Wild flowers of Scilly. No.2: marshes, stonewalls, hedgerows & windbreaks ([1970?)

David Hunt

Flowering plants and ferns in the Isles of Scilly (1970)

Flora of Jersey: with notes on the occurrences of species recorded for the other Channel Islands (1984)

Frances Le Sueur

Sketches for the flora (1972)

Keble Martin, William

The concise British flora in colour - 5th impression (1967)

Keble Martin, William

Flowers of the Cornish coast ([1972])

Jean A. Paton

Wild flowers of the Channel Islands: book 2 ([1977])

E. A. Ellis

Wild flowers of the Channel Islands: book 1 ([1977])

E. A. Ellis