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[Lynton & Lynmouth. Cliff Railway] ([1910?])

Searley, A. W.

Lynmouth. Cliff railway (c.1900)

Cliff railway, Lynmouth (c.1975)

Babbacombe Cliff Railway (c.1960)

Lynmouth, cliff railway (c.1920)

Lynmouth cliff railway (64/15) (1962)

Eric R. Delderfield

The lift, Lynmouth (c.1910)

Lynmouth (c.1910)

Lynmouth, the cliff railway (1906)

[Cliff railway] ([1900?])

John Stabb

[Lynton & Lynmouth. Cliff Railway] (c.1900)

Lynton & Lynmouth cliff railway: photographs and history (1986)

The Babbacombe Cliff light railway order 1923: Statutory Rules & Orders 1923 ; no. 1624 (1923)

Lynton & Lynmouth cliff railway. (1992)

Lynton & Lynmouth cliff railway: centenary year : 1890-1990 (1990)

Cliff railways of the British Isles (including inclined cliff lifts and passenger cableways) by Geoffrey Body and R Eastleigh (1964)

Geoffrey Body

Bob Jones, director of the Lyn Railway Company, at work at the top of the Lynton Cliff Railway. 19.12.85 (1985)