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Libraries in Bath, 1618-1964: thesis submitted for Fellowship of the Library Association (c.1966)

V. J. Kite

Public books in provincial towns: parish and town libraries in early modern Devon (2021)

Anna-Lujz Gilbert

General catalogue of the Public Library lending department 1932 (1932)

First supplement to the public library catalogue of 1932 (1934)

C.U.K.T. rural library experiments, 1915-1919 (1968)

F. A. Keyse

Bath municipal libraries: Directories and annuals (1968)

Mobile libraries and other public library transport (1967)

C. R. Eastwood

Booktrack gold badge winners at Sidmouth Library. 18.9.95 (1995)

'Be a Clown', a summner activity at Exmouth Library. 25.8.89 (1989)

Bowden, Jeff

Sickness in the archive: a readers guide to the history of medicine at Exeter Library (2016)

Frederick Cooper

A display of art by the pupils of the West of England School on show at Exeter Central Library. 6.12.90 (1990)

Exeter's mobile library. 11.3.88 (1988)

Exeter's mobile library. 11.3.88 (1988)

Connie Pascoe and Malcolm Cooke, chairman and vice chairman of Devon Library Committee, pictured with Di Brooker, librarian, during a visit to Exeter Central Library. 5.10.90 (1990)

Children awarded gold badge book track awards at Heavitree Library, February 1999 (1999)

Children attending a story and craft session at Okehampton Library. 1.4.88 (1988)

Chris Passingham

Annual review 2016/2017 (2017)

Crediton Library book track award winners. 28.4.93 (1993)

John Ffoulkes

Exeter City Library from Rougemont Gardens. 15.4.69 (1969)

Exeter City Library from Rougemont Gardens. 31.12.65 (1965)

Jo Barber and Bill Baron at the launch of the cd service at Teignmouth Library. 10.3.95 (1995)

Prizewinners at Sidmouth Library. 18.9.95 (1995)

Author E.V>Thompson pictured on a visit to Honiton Library with librarian Jenny Wood, left, and library assistant Pat Bansal. 21.9.94 (1994)

The staff of Exmouth Library prepare for World Costume Storytime. 24.8.88 (1988)

Bowden, Jeff

The Mayor of Honiton, Joanna Bull, opens the new extension to Honiton Library ([1996])

Report of the Borough Librarian and curator 1967-1968 & 1968-1969 (1969)

Byelaws made by the mayor, aldermen and burgesses of the Borough of Yeovil under Section 19 of the Public Libraries Act 1964 (1971)

Sidmouth Library craft day. 4.6.94 (1994)

Reports for the years ended December 31st 1906 - 31st December 1913 (1906-1913)

Reports of the librarian, for the years ended 31st December 1914 - 31st December 1935: 9-30th (1914-1935)

Printed books, 1476-1640 (1968)

Bath municipal libraries: Periodicals and newspapers, 1969 (1969)

Book list of Somerset (1932)

The information service in public lending libraries in the south-west: a survey (1967)

J. W. Dendy

A select list of books on Bath (1972)

Devon topographical prints, 1660-1870: a catalogue and guide (1977)

John Vernon Somers Cocks

Lynn Osborne launches the Sidmouth Library's cd lending service, watched by Amanda Browse and Paul Whittall. 29.6.94 (1994)

Scott Drew

The Stuckey Lean collection (1906)

Cake to celebrate 50 years of Exmouth Library (1996)

Bovey Tracey Library and Health Centre. 26.4.68 (1968)

Bovey Tracey Library and Health Centre. 26.4.68 (1968)

Active life active mind, October 2013: free events in your local library (2013)

Teignmouth Library. Feb 73 (1973)

Exeter Library ([1958?])

Vicky Nathan and Nicky Thomas look at books in the new Exmouth Library. 26.4.91 (1991)

The launch of the new learning centre at Exmouth Library. 24.5.93 (1993)

Viccy Wilcox

Lecture hall, Exeter City Library. 23.10.65 (1965)

Main hall, Exeter City Library. 22.10.65 (1965)

Exeter City Library. 29.10.65 (1965)

Entrance to Exeter City Library. 22.10.65 (1965)