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Report of the Borough Librarian and curator 1967-1968 & 1968-1969 (1969)

Byelaws made by the mayor, aldermen and burgesses of the Borough of Yeovil under Section 19 of the Public Libraries Act 1964 (1971)

General catalogue of the Public Library lending department 1932 (1932)

First supplement to the public library catalogue of 1932 (1934)

Reports for the years ended December 31st 1906 - 31st December 1913 (1906-1913)

Reports of the librarian, for the years ended 31st December 1914 - 31st December 1935: 9-30th (1914-1935)

Printed books, 1476-1640 (1968)

Bath municipal libraries: Periodicals and newspapers, 1969 (1969)

C.U.K.T. rural library experiments, 1915-1919 (1968)

F. A. Keyse

Book list of Somerset (1932)

Libraries in Bath, 1618-1964: thesis submitted for Fellowship of the Library Association (c.1966)

V. J. Kite

Bath municipal libraries: Directories and annuals (1968)

The information service in public lending libraries in the south-west: a survey (1967)

J. W. Dendy

A select list of books on Bath (1972)

Devon topographical prints, 1660-1870: a catalogue and guide (1977)

John Vernon Somers Cocks

Mobile libraries and other public library transport (1967)

C. R. Eastwood