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The history and antiquities of the town of Wellington, Somerset (1950)

Robert Linham Thorne

Somerset parish registers: marriages (1908)

When I was a boy: a west country town in the seventies (1933)

Arthur L. Humphreys

The book of Wellington: the story of a market town (1981)

Robin Bush

The woollen manufacture at Wellington, Somerset (1914)

Joseph Hoyland Fox

The materials for the history of the town of Wellington, County Somerset (1889)

Arthur L. Humphreys

A medieval manor house rediscovered: excavations at Longforth Farm, Wellington, Somerset (2016)

Simon Flaherty

Wellington town guide (2015)

Wellington Poetry Club 1982-1987 (2016)

John Jarrett

The Foxes of Wellington: a family in business (2010)

Dorothy Lomas

A new history of Wellington: the origins of Wellington and medieval Wellington (2004)

Bruce Watkin

Wellington Methodist Church: celebrating 130 years of Methodist witness and worship in Wellington (1981)

Gillian Allen

The Culverwells: a history of the family (2017)

David Rodney Culverwell

Cade's Farm, Taunton Road, Wellington, Somerset: report on archaeogeophysical survey 1997 (1997)

A. D. H. Bartlett

Wellington town guide 2018-2019 (2019)

The Culverwells: a history of the family (2017)

David Rodney Culverwell

The Culverwells: a history of the family (2017)

David Rodney Culverwell

SIAS Bulletin (1995)

Records of the Hawkings family of Wellington, Somerset, England and descendants (2019)

David T. Hawkings

Down the garden path: or child of the 'thirties' (2001)

Sheila Brook

Great Western Railway Journal (1999)

The Culverwells: a history of the family (2017)

David Rodney Culverwell

Bisse Pedigrees (1886)

Francis Grigson

Account of the coloured fragments of a carved reredos lately found in S. John's, Wellington, Somersetshire (1848)

Tales from the Telling House (1898)

R. D. Blackmore

Wellington Rural District: official guide (c.[1973?])

Kickback (2015)

Damien Boyd

Wellington town guide (2017)

Wellington in the Great War (2016)

Christopher Owen

Love in a hot climate (2010)

A. C. T. Marke

Diversion scheme eliminates dangerous A38 bottleneck (1964)

J. C. Billington

Wellington monument - a tour through some aspects of its history: archival research for the National Trust

Wendy Lutley

Somerset Archaeology 2019 (2020)

C. J. Webster

Tonedale Mills and Tone Works

The rock garden

Medieval site discovered

New park at Wellington, Somerset

O Christmas tree!

Sarah Ford

Tone Works: a finishing works with a future?

Mike Williams

Taunton Deane Methodism (large collection of notes, etc.)

Herbert W. White

Somerset Archaeology 2001

C. J. Webster

Stratfield Saye House and Wellington Country Park

William Josiah Giles

James Skeggs

Wellington Park and Recreation Ground

James Skeggs

The railways and Wellington

James Skeggs

The Popham monument in Wellington Church

James Skeggs

Music, music, music!

James Skeggs

Lloyd and Griselda Fox

James Skeggs

Fox Brothers and the Wellington [Somerset] woollen trade

James Skeggs