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Dunkery Farm: a tale of the West Country (1906)

Alice Jane Briggs

For king or empress

Charles W. Whistler (Rev.)

Dunster and its Lords 1066 - 1881 (1882)

Henry C. Maxwell Lyte (Sir)

A history of Dunster and of the families of Mohun and Luttrell (1909)

Henry C. Maxwell Lyte (Sir)

An early Somerset will, 1307

Evacuees in Dunster

J. J. Parham

Gas in Dunster

David Gledhill

Bat's Castle: entrance to Dumnonia?

Loughrey, Anita

Tough on crime, 19th century style [on police stations]

Eric Robinson

Dark beneath the moon (1997)

Christine Purkis

The village school, Dunster, Somerset, 1861-1945: history ([1980])

Eleanor M. Crane

Dunster by traffic light

Michael Hawkins

Shipwreck at Dunster

William George

[Dunster Streets Market Place]

[Dunster Streets Dunster Market]

The long, long life of trees (2016)

Fiona Stafford

Midsummer fair, Dunster 1767-1819

Eleanor M. Crane

Dunster market

Eleanor M. Crane