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Torquay in the Great War (2015)

Alex Potter

Torquay revealed (2010)

Leslie Retallick

Throw out your bread, throw out your tommy: the Torquay food riots of 1847 (2003)

Geoffrey Doye

The changing purpose of parish histories (2003)

Andrew J. H. Jackson

New Zealanders in S.Devon: a story of world war 1 (1996)

John R. Pike (South Devon writer)

Torquay community page (2004)

Side lights on the early history of Torquay (1893)

R. N. Worth

Obituary notices: Edward Vivian (1893)

W. Harpley

Roscoe Gibbs (1910)

Torquay 1876-1900 ([1999])

Air raid precautions scheme: Torre. Revised ed. (1941)

Tales of Torquay ([1930?)

Historical pictorial souvenir of Torquay, Devonshire (1920)

Hugh Robert Watkin

The way we were ([1992])

Torquay: the place and the people : a centenary history (1992)

John R. Pike (South Devon writer)

A chronological record of events relating to Torquay and neighbourhood ([1881])

Robert] [Dymond

The birth of Torquay and its extension from the harbour (1971)

John R. Pike (South Devon writer)

A history of Torquay and the famous anchorage of Torbay (1960)

Percy Russell

An historical survey of Torquay from the earliest times, as illustrated by finds in Kent's Cavern, down to the present time (1930)

Arthur Charles Ellis

The history of Torquay (1878)

J. T. White

Torquay: past and present : a sketch (1877)

Spencer Thomson