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Torquay revealed (2013)

Leslie Retallick

Torquay through time (2009)

Leslie Retallick

Torquay: then and now in colour (2011)

Mike Holgate

Torquay (2005)

Mike Holgate

Pictorial records of Devon (1925)

Chope, R. Pearse

Torquay of yesteryear (2002)

Leslie Retallick

Torquay: a photographic history of your town (2001)

John R. Pike (South Devon writer)

Views of Torquay ([190-?)

Torquay (c.1890)

25 views of Torquay (c.1900)

Torquay (1998)

Mike Holgate

[ Views of Torquay] ([1875])

The album of Torquay views ([1890?)

Twenty four views of Torquay ([1870?)

Photographs of Torquay ([1895?)

Gems of Torquay: a collection of sepia photographs ([1905])

Torquay (1996)

Ted Gosling

Panorama of Torquay and neighbourhood ([1850])

A few pictures of Torquay and other places in glorious Devon (1937)

Torquay: Englands Riviera (1931)

Torquay, queen of English watering places: from original water colour paintings ([1930?)

A. R. Quinton

Torquay (c.1910)

Rock's royal Torquay cabinet album ([1890?)

[ Besley's views of Torquay] ([1875?)

Besley, Henry

Photographic views of Torquay ([1865?)

Francis Bedford

Torquay in old picture postcards (1982)

Leslie Retallick

Torquay: queen of English watering places from original water colours ([1910?])

W. W. Quatremain

The Mere's collection of old English drinking glasses on display at Torre Abbey (1978)

Ronald Hares

Provisional layout for Torquay (1955)

Rough layout showing the views of Torquay ([1947?)

The album of Torquay views (c.1890)

Old Torquay ([1914])

Photographic view album of Torquay, Torbay and the Dart ([1900?)

The album of Torquay views ([1880?)

Pictorial Torquay (1994)

Leslie Retallick

Torquay by the sea: an illustrated souvenir ([1900?)

W. Eliot Thomas

Centenary bygones: Torquay 1892-1992 (1992)

Picturesque views of Torquay (c.1890)

[ Views of Torquay] ([1876?)

Twenty four views of Torquay ([1871?)

Views of Torquay ([1870?)

The album of Torquay and South Devon (c.1890)