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Torquay and South Devon (1963)

A pictorial and descriptive guide to Paignton, Torquay, Dartmouth, Kingsbridge, Totnes and other South Devon resorts. ([1922])

Explorer 110: Torquay and Dawlish. (2005)

The man they could not hang: the true story of John Lee (2005)

Mike Holgate

Drive and dine (1971)

Jeremy Bates

Livermead Harbour, Torquay (1967)

Hilda H. Walker

Dog training school (1972)

L. S. Landon

The Kitson diaries. Part 3 (1975)

D. H. Cozens

Samuel Grose, M.D., F.R.C.S (1920)

The climate of Torquay (1893)

Alfred Chandler

Side lights on the early history of Torquay (1893)

R. N. Worth

Obituary notices: Edward Vivian (1893)

W. Harpley

Devon hotel leads tourist industry (1966)

Mary Fegan

Roscoe Gibbs (1910)

Drive and dine (1973)

Jeremy Bates

The Queen Elizabeth - homes of recovery, Torquay

Richard Deason

A relic of old Torquay (1988)

F. H. Starkey

23 Hartop road (1966)

Doug Revell

Spotlight on Torquay (1965)

A paper on Torre Abbey (1867)

Edward Ashworth

Obituary notices: William Pengelly (1894)

W. Harpley

William Pengelly, FRS. FGS. father of the Devonshire Association (1912)

Hester Forbes Julian

William Pengelly, FRS.FGS. father of the Devonshire Association Part 3 (1915)

Hester Forbes Julian

Erosion in the Torquay promotory (1923)

W. G. Shannon

Gourmet weekend (1973)

Drive and dine (1972)

Jeremy Bates

Slimming in luxury (1972)

Drive and dine (1970)

Jeremy Bates

The later years of Shiphay Collaton, Torquay (1966)

Hilda H. Walker

The Kitson diaries. Part 4 (1975)

D. H. Cozens

The Kitson diaries. Part 2 (1974)

D. H. Cozens

The Kitson diaries (1974)

D. H. Cozens

Kent's cavern (1969)

Muriel Goaman

The fleet in Torbay - 1910 style (1969)

Adult education in early Victorian Torquay ; with particular reference to the contribution of the church (1975)

Geoffrey S. Duncan

Sacrilege at Torre Abbey in 1351 (1926)

R. B. M-

Curious stone at Torre abbey (1919)

Hugh Robert Watkin

John Stabb (1918)

A visitation of St. Mary Church in A.D.1301 (1893)

Brownlow (Reverend)

Obituary notices: William Lavers (1895)

W. Harpley

Obituary notices: Townshend Monckton Hall (1899)

W. Harpley

The social tone of Torquay in the 1920s (1996)

Nigel J Morgan (Tourism authority)

Abbey of St Saviour (1900)

Thomas Wainwright

The type-fossils in the museum of the Torquay Natural History Soc (1907)

A. J. Jukes-Browne

William Pengelly, FRS. FGS. father of the Devonshire Association Part 2 (1913)

Hester Forbes Julian

" Literary Torquay" (1918)

J. Charteris Johnston

The palaeontological and archaeological "finds" in Kent's Cavern (1918)

Hester Forbes Julian

The petrography of the recent deposits of the Torquay promontory (1924)

W. G. Shannon

Quiet corners of Torquay (1971)

Eric A. George

Hypnotism (1971)

L. S. Landon