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War comes to Topsham: a Heritage Lottery funded project WW1 Then & Now Scheme 2016 (2016)

Topsham community page (2004)

Topsham and the Duke of Monmouth (1911)

Roger Granville

Explore Topsham (2000)

Jo Miller

Topsham saga: Civil wars and new fabrics (1995)

Sadru Bhanji

Topsham saga: Armada and ship owners (1994)

Sadru Bhanji

Topsham saga: Early Tudors (1994)

Sadru Bhanji

Topsham: history and mystery ([1984?)

Dorothy M. Guest

Topsham saga: the priory and town quay (1994)

James D. Ladd

Topsham saga: the Earls of Devon (1994)

James D. Ladd

Topsham saga: Viking raiders and Norman conquest (1992)

James D. Ladd

Topsham saga: the first settlers (1992)

James D. Ladd

The rise, fall and rise of the town and port of Topsham: 'A' level geography project (1971)

Colin Stanley

A river at my garden's end ... some tales of Topsham (1987)

John Willing

The story of the manor and port of Topsham (1968)

Doris Mary Bradbeer