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A scene of sad decay at Topsham Lock, which has been allowed to fall into a state of disrepair. 16.10.91 (1991)

Mark Nova

The canal, Topsham 5816 ([1900?])

The Exe market boat (2010)

David B. Clement

Ron Ballamy at R.W.Ballamy, Topsham. 1.10.91 (1991)

Gary, one of the team at R.W.Ballamy, Topsham. 1.10.91 (1991)

Andy, one of the team at R.W.Ballamy, Topsham. 1.10.91 (1991)

Rob Tinkler, motor cycle expert at R.W.Ballamy, Topsham. 1.10.91 (1991)

The team at R.W.Ballamy, Topsham. 1.10.91 (1991)

Station Garage, Topsham. 9.11 [1993] ([1993])

Meredith, Derek

Will of Geroge Hodder of Topsham, mariner, 1692 (1925)

G. T. Windyer Morris

Record catch of sprats exported from Topsham. 24.1.64 (1964)

Topsham Quay. 6.3.91 (1991)

Topsham Quay. 3.4.92 (1992)

Topsham Quay. 6.3.91 (1991)

Topsham Quay. 6.3.91 (1991)

Topsham Quay. 6.3.91 (1991)

Topsham Quay. 11.2.92 (1992)

The Rose of Belize moored at Topsham. 12.5.93 (1993)

Jackson, Ian

Topsham Quay. 27.1.94 (1994)

A new arrival at Topsham Station. 23.1.93: sprinter train begins running on the Exeter to Exmouth branch line (1993)

Mike Drew

Topsham Station. 29.3.1963 (1963)

Topsham signal box to be let. 13.11.95 (1995)

Paul Hodgson, proprietor of Paul Property Services, and the Topsham signal box he is letting. 21.9.94 (1994)

Scott Drew

The Topsham signal box up fpr let. 21.9.94 (1994)

Scott Drew

Topsham signal box. 13.2.1990 (1990)

Davison, Chris

Bridge & viaduct over the ship canal & the River Exe, on the Exeter and Exmouth Railway ... (1856)

William Spreat

At your service Captain Burgess Sir! (1967)

D. M. Morris (Biographer)

At your service Captain Burgess Sir! (1967)

D. M. Morris (Biographer)

A description of the nature of slavery among the moors...to which is added an account of Capt.Stuart's negotiations... (1721)

[Dan Trout] ([1910?])

H. Hall

Holman's: a family business of shipbuilders, shipowners and insurers from 1832 (2005)

David B. Clement

Topsham ships and boatbuilding: W.Trout & Son : the first hundred years (2002)

Colin Piper

Shipbuilding on the Exe: the memoranda book of Daniel B. Davy (1988)

Davy, Daniel Bishop [ed. Ponsford, Clive N.]

Roger Hall traditional boatbuilder (2009)

Gordon Cookson

The port of Topsham: its ships and shipbuilding (1953)

L. E.  Braddick

Topsham Quay (2003)

David V. H. Wheeler

Topsham and the Exe estuary: an album of sailing ship days (1979)

Clive N. Ponsford

Topsham Museum: ships and seafaring : guide for teachers (1994)

[Topsham] ([1960?])

Miles Sharp

Don Warren Antiques, Topsham. 8.2.80 (1980)

Richard Tucker, proprietor of Richard's greengrocers in Topsham, with assistants Julie Hunter, left, and Janette Chudley in Victorian costume. 18.12.85 (1985)

Roger and Sue Bendall, proprietors of Topsham News. 7.6.91 (1991)

Roger and Sue Bendall, far right, with relatives of some of the people featured in the mural on the wall of Topsham News lower shop. 24.9.93 (1993)

Mike Drew

Sue Bendall, centre, pictured at Topsham News wit the paper boys and girls. 5.1.90 (1990)

Mike Drew

Nigel Mortimore, Fran Roseley, Ellen Mortimore and Lorraine Mortimore pictured outside the newly reopened Mortimore's shop at Topsham. 28.10.97 (1997)

Mike Drew

Katey Wragg puts the finishing touches to the mural on the wall of Topsham News lower shop. 1.9.93 (1993)

John Ffoulkes

W.A.Nott, Topsham. 5.2.92 (1992)

Broadway Stores, Topsham. 1.2.91 (1991)

Don Pearce of Westaways, Topsham, and assistant Dorothy Ford who went Victorian for Christmas. 20.12.85 (1985)

Teazles, Topsham. 7.1.93 (1993)