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Members of the 1st Topsham Brownies collecting for their trail of pennies to raise funds for Topsham Town Fayre. 17.8.91 (1991)

The 1st Topsham Brownies planting crocus bulbs in celebration of 75 years of the Brownies movement. 11.11.89 (1989)

Davison, Chris

Follett Lodge, Topsham (1966)

Ann Steele

Northbrooke Lodge Topsham (c.1850)

William Spreat

A directory of Topsham clubs, associations, leisure activities and local information (2009)

Topsham privateer King George (1915)

G. T. Windyer Morris

Topsham privateer, "King George", 1779 (1914)

H. Wilson Holman

Some clues as to the identity of the privateer King George (1995)

Sadrus Bhanji

A note on the privateering career of the King George, 1779 (1986)

David J. Starkey

Treason in Topsham (1995)

Sadru Bhanji