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The Retreat, Topsham (1991)

Aileen Fox (Lady)

The Key (1969)

Simon Morris of Topsham (1925)

G. T. Windyer Morris

Follett pedigree (1921)

H. Wilson Holman

Ancient steam engine at Topsham (1920)

H. Wilson Holman

Posset-pans (1912)

Edith K. Prideaux

Homes and gardens - Shell House, Topsham (1971)

John Elliot

The Topsham charter. Part 2 (1978)

N. W. Alcock

The Topsham charter (1977)

N. W. Alcock

At your service Captain Burgess Sir! (1967)

D. M. Morris (Biographer)

Follett Lodge, Topsham (1966)

Ann Steele

Topsham Museum (1989)

Barbara Entwistle

Jackson family of Topsham (1925)

G. T. Windyer Morris

Will of Geroge Hodder of Topsham, mariner, 1692 (1925)

G. T. Windyer Morris

Edward Henry Hurdle, artist (1924)

H. Wilson Holman

Topsham castle (1920)

H. Wilson Holman

Glass kilns at Countess Wear, Topsham (1919)

Arthur Rippon

Glass kilns at Countess Wear, Topsham (1918)

H. Tapley-Soper, Rhys Jenkins

Topsham and the Duke of Monmouth (1911)

Roger Granville

Topsham privateer King George (1915)

G. T. Windyer Morris

Topsham privateer, "King George", 1779 (1914)

H. Wilson Holman

Mungey or Mongey family, Topsham (1906)

H. Wilson Holman

Some clues as to the identity of the privateer King George (1995)

Sadrus Bhanji

Treason in Topsham (1995)

Sadru Bhanji

A dream comes true (1973)

Stephen Perry

The port of Topsham: its ships and shipbuilding (1953)

L. E.  Braddick

A note on the privateering career of the King George, 1779 (1986)

David J. Starkey

At your service Captain Burgess Sir! (1967)

D. M. Morris (Biographer)

The key and Desmond Sawyer (1967)

The London gazette. Numb. 1830, May 31 to June 4 1683 (1683)

Topsham: history and mystery ([1984?)

Dorothy M. Guest

Shipbuilding on the Exe: the memoranda book of Daniel B. Davy (1988)

Davy, Daniel Bishop [ed. Ponsford, Clive N.]

Topsham: an account of its streets and buildings (1971)

Marriage, baptisms, and burials, 1600-1837 ... (1938)

Dawn and sunset at Topsham, Devon: also Songs of youth ...[etc] (1944)

G. E. Connor