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Point-in-View Chapel, Exmouth ([1995?])

Point-in-View Chapel, Exmouth. 13.2.1982 (1982)

Point in View Chapel, Exmouth: interior ([1985?])

Bridget Cherry

Point in View Chapel: interior ([1985?])

Bridget Cherry

[Point in View Chapel, Exmouth] Sept. 9 ([1960?])

K. M. Treloar

Point-in-View Chapel, Exmouth 62 neg. no. 68/5 (1962)

Eric R. Delderfield

Point in View Chapel, Exmouth 1962 (1962)

Eric R. Delderfield

Exmouth: chapel of St Anne, 1415 (1924)

Richard Barrow

Exmouth: chapel of St Anne (1924)

R. B. M-

The excavation of medieval and later houses and St. Margaret's Chapel at Exmouth 1982-1984 (1986)

P. J. Weddell

Chapel of the Holy Trinity, Exmouth: quincentenary commemorations (1412 AD - 1912 AD) June 23rd to June 30th 1912 : services and festivities (1912)

Point-in-View, near Exmouth ([1845?])