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Capels of Exmouth ([2000])

Mike Drew

Temple Winds, Exmouth ([1990?])

The scene at the Bilash Restaurant after today's fire. 5.12.89 (1989)

Meredith, Derek

Channel View Cafe, Exmouth. 15.1.1990 (1990)

Clapp's Cafe, Exmouth, 1868 (1868)

Members of the Exmouth Cycling Club in front of Thorn's Tea House, Manor Grounds about 1892 (c.1892)

[Clapp's Cafe, Exmouth] (c.1900)

Clapp's Cafe, Exmouth, 1912 (1912)

Clapp's Cafe, Exmouth (c.1900)

Clapp's Cafe, Exmouth, 1868 (1868)

[Chapel Hill, Exmouth] (1929)

H. C. M.

Clapp's Cafe, Exmouth, 1929 (1929)

Jessop, H. Trevor

Group of members of 'The Coffee Palace' (c.1905)

Eating out in Devon - the Capri (1966)

Drive and dine (1969)

Jeremy Bates

Drive and dine (1973)

Jeremy Bates