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Benjamin Grigg, with son Robert, driving cab in Imperial Road, Exmouth, 1892 (1892)

[Thomas Abell, J.P.] ([1937])

Henry Wykes

George J.Abell, J.P. 1883-1961, whose generous implementation of his fathers wishes brought this Thomas Abell Reference Library into being (1937)

Henry Wykes

John E.Daw ([1950?])

Puddicombe, W. Alexander

Ceremony of handing over the seat presented to the town by H.M.S.Exeter, May 21st 1960 (1960)

[The late Mr.J.Carter] ([1937?])

Puddicombe, W. Alexander

Alderman P.F.Rowsell C.B.E. ([1938?])

Thomas Abell (1918)

Thomas Abell at 30, 1878 (1878)

The late council, Exmouth, c.1962 (c.1962)

[H.A.Blackmore, Chairman of Exmouth Urban District Council] ([1937?])

Puddicombe, W. Alexander