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Local history at Rolle College (1974)

Barbara Currie

Well of happiness (1967)

David Harwood

Eating out in Devon - the Capri (1966)

Exmouth: chapel of St Anne (1924)

John Frederick Chanter (Reverend)

Drive and dine (1969)

Jeremy Bates

Exmouth - Sir John Colliton (1921)

John Frederick Chanter (Reverend)

Excavations at 3-5 Lower Fore Street, Exmouth (1980)

P. J. Weddell

A cameo of Exmouth (1969)

Ian Lomax

First and Last Inn, Exmouth (1926)

Richard Barrow

Exmouth: chapel of St Anne, 1415 (1924)

Richard Barrow

Exmouth: chapel of St Anne (1924)

R. B. M-

Exmouth: Sacheverell Hall (1923)

Exmouth: Sacheverell Hall (1923)

R. B-

The Swan of the Exe (1921)

Some further notes on Exmouth Warren (1893)

J. M. Martin (Historian)

Note on a specimen of Risso's Grampus, stranded near Exmouth in October, 1908. [Previous Dev.specimens, 1870, 1886. Errata p.64] (1910)

F.R Rowley

Seaweeds at Exmouth (1927)

T. S. Lea

Drive and dine (1973)

Jeremy Bates

Homes and gardens - A La Ronde, Exmouth (1973)

John Elliot

A pair of Devon gems (1972)

L. Clark Minter

Exmouth - family resort of sand and sunshine (1971)

Eric A. George

Victorian Exmouth (1970)

Andrew Fox

A strange fish (1988)

Jeremy Black

Admiral the Right Honourable Edward Pellew G.C.B. (1967)

Chard, Judy

Local firm returns to Exmouth (1967)

North or south (1965)

S.H Burton

The excavation of medieval and later houses and St. Margaret's Chapel at Exmouth 1982-1984 (1986)

P. J. Weddell

The excavation of medieval and later houses and St. Margaret's Chapel at Exmouth 1982-1984 (1986)

P. J. Weddell

Courses for the community: part-time day and evening classes for adults and youth activities : autumn term 1998 (1998)

Exmouth in colour (1998)

Chips Barber

Exmouth, Budleigh Salterton and Lympstone street plan. (1996)

A short history of the Mary Parminter Charity. ([1930])

Donald R. Barber

A case of great distress. Addressed to the charitable (1767)

Exmouth Local Nature Reserve: countryside events programme summer 1995 (1995)

The book of Exmouth: portrait of a resort (1978)

Robin Bush

Butch of Devon: one man's best friend (1989)

Jean Louis Morel

Memorials of Exmouth (1885)

William Everitt

Prospectus 1957 (1958)

Guide to Exmouth and the South Devon coast from the Axe to the Teign. ([1953?)

Guide ..

Edward Pellew, Viscount Exmouth, Admiral of the red (1934)

C. Northcote Parkinson

Development plan: analysis of the survey : Exmouth & Lympstone (1953)

Bird's eye view: an autobiography (1954)

Delderfield, R. F.

Exmouth yesterdays: a glance back over fifty years (1952)

Eric R. Delderfield

Exmouth milestones: a history (1948)

Eric R. Delderfield

Memorials of Exmouth (1872)

William Webb

Note on a Court Roll of Hulham manor (1890)

John B. Phear (Sir)

The life of Admiral Viscount Exmouth (1835)

Edward Osler

Exmouth, Devon ([1848?])

The Strand, Exmouth (1858)