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The plague reconsidered, a new look at its origins and effects in 16th & 17th century England (1977)

Doctor Ellis Veryard of Colyton (1919)

A. J. P. Skinner

An inventory of the goods of John Strowbridge of Hobrayne, 1576 (1903)

H. Michell Whitley

Colynosh: a different but not alarming book of recipes and diversions collected from the Coly Valley and environs (1980)

The Elefriendly recipe book (1991)

Owners Jon and Jane Beck pictured outside the Swallows Eaves Hotel, Colyford. 17.2.1988 (1988)

Colin Bowerman

Wheelwright Inn, Colyford ([1995?])

Silk culture in Devon (1909)

A. J. P. Skinner

The purpose-built wheelwright's shop at Colyton. 8.11.90 (1990)