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Yonge of Colyton (1910)

A. J. P. Skinner

Kirkham of Feniton, Westofer of Yardbury, Colyton, and Drake of Yardbury. [Suppl. to Vivian's Visitns. Also 8, p.30, 9, p.89] (1913)

A. J. P. Skinner

Armory on Pole monument in Colyton church (1916)

A. J. P. Skinner

Fry of Yarty. Fry of Buckerell (1910)

Charles F. Cole

" Yonge" coffin plates in Colyton church (1908)

A. J. P. Skinner

Family limitation in pre-industrial England (196-)

E. A. Wrigley

Illegitimacy in Colyton 1851-1881 (1987)

Jean Robin

Prenuptial pregnancy in a rural area of Devonshire in the mid-nineteenth century: Colyton, 1851-1881 (1986)

Jean Robin

Coffin-shaped gravestone in Colyton church (1907)

A. J. P. Skinner

The place of Colyton in English population history (1982)

Brian Clapp

Population and society in an East Devon parish: reproducing Colyton 1540-1840 (2002)

Pamela Sharpe

From childhood to middle age: cohort analysis in Colyton 1851-91 ([1995])

Jean Robin

Literally spinsters: a new interpretation of local economy and demography in Colyton in the seventeenth & eighteenth centuries (1991)

Pamela Sharpe

Reconstitution and census: Colytonians in parish register and enumerator's book (1976)

Richard Wall

Drake of Colyton papers. Francis Drake, diplomat: 1795 - 1804. (2006)

Drake of Colyton papers. Francis Drake, diplomat: 1794 - 1795. (2006)

Drake of Colyton papers. Francis Drake, diplomat: 1793 - 1794. (2006)

Drake of Colyton papers. Francis Drake, diplomat: 1792 - 1793. (2006)

Drake of Colyton papers. The war of Spanish succession (2006)

Drake of Colyton papers. British army problems in Spain (2006)

The history of the feofees of Colyton, 1546-1946 (1951)

Reginald G. C. White

[ Photocopies of documents, mainly printed, from Colyton parish chest 1875-1916] (1875-)

Rules for the regulation of a mutual provident society instituted at Colyton, 25th June, 1849 (1870)

Rules for the regulation of a female mutual provident society (1883)

The Hundred of Colyton in early times (1915)

Joseph Chapman's memorial inscription in Colyton church (1907)

A. J. P. Skinner

The diary of Walter Yonge Esq., Justice of the Peace, and M.P. for Honiton, written at Colyton and Axminster ... 1604-1628 (1848)

Walter Yonge

Extract from Parliamentary report 1820: Hundred of Colyton, Devon : parish lands ... feofees ... appointed in the year 1853 (1853)

Devon. Colyton, Shute, and Monkton. Particulars of the great tythes impropriate of the very fertile and extensive parishes of Colyton, Shute, and Monkton ... which will be sold at auction, for a full ... ([1813])

Feofee Chamber, Colyton: this is an inventory of the deeds in a canvas bag ([1935?)

A. J. P. Skinner

Lieut.-Colonel John Piper, C.B., 4th foot, 1783-1821 (1959)

H. Y. Usher

Beating the bounds at Colyford. 23.10.93 (1986)

Meredith, Derek

Colyford: ancient borough and royal manor (2005)

Roy F. Chapple

At Colyford (1837)

H. A. Templer

East Devon conservation area appraisals: Colyford (1999)

Colyford's history ([1985?)

Tamsyn Pady

Colyton firemen take delivery of their new fire engine. 10.10.77 (1974)

New flood wall at Colyford. 18.7.94 (1994)

Colyton-Coleford district plan: written statement (1980)

A parish appraisal: Colyton and Colyford : the report (1991)

The relief of poverty in mid nineteenth century Colyton (1990)

Jean Robin

The community of Colyton and its poor 1800-1850 ([1972])

Norman F. Hoare

Inside the newly refurbished Mary Baker House at Colyton. 28.2.89 (1989)

Leslie Manfield, chairman of the local Abbeyfield Society, with the resident housekeeper, Mavis Lewis, outside the newly refurbished Mary Baker House at Colyton. 28.2.89 (1989)

International Bengali musician Anup Kumar Biswas runs a workshop at Colyton Grammar School. 18.9.86 (1986)

Young enterprise winners at Colyton Grammar School. 11.7.88 (1988)

John Fletcher

The recipe book produced by pupils at Colyton Grammar School. 16.4.91 (1991)

John Fletcher

Old grammar school, Colyton [Nov 64] neg. no. 113/14 (1964)

Eric R. Delderfield

Colyton Grammar School, Colyford ... inspection ... 9-13 February 1998 (1998)

Colyton Grant Maintained Grammar School ... inspection ... 27 September-1 October 1993 (1993)