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The Hundred of Colyton in early times (1915)

Thomas Brerewode, vicar of Colyton (1911)

A. J. P. Skinner

Yonge of Colyton (1910)

A. J. P. Skinner

Kirkham of Feniton, Westofer of Yardbury, Colyton, and Drake of Yardbury. [Suppl. to Vivian's Visitns. Also 8, p.30, 9, p.89] (1913)

A. J. P. Skinner

Heraldry in relation to the Courtenay tomb in Colyton church (1921)

In memoriam William Henry Hamilton Rogers, F.S.A (1914)

George Eyre Evans

Colyton: the old parsonage (1909)

George Eyre Evans

Two entries in the Colyton parish church burial registers (1909)

A. J. P. Skinner

George Rhodes, Vicar of Colyton, 1782-1798 (1908)

A. J. P. Skinner

Joseph Chapman's memorial inscription in Colyton church (1907)

A. J. P. Skinner

Anstis and Colyton (1906)

A. J. P. Skinner

Howberhayne, Colyton: reminiscences of, ancient and modern (1903)

W.H.H Rogers

The Courtenay Monument in Colyton High Street (1907)

Colyton and its past (1973)

Mary Collier

The register of the parish of Colyton, Devon (1970)

A. H. Noble

Doctor Ellis Veryard of Colyton (1919)

A. J. P. Skinner

Wall paintings, Colyton feoffee chamber (1919)

A. J. P. Skinner

Armory on Pole monument in Colyton church (1916)

A. J. P. Skinner

The churches of Colyton and Shute, and the Pole monuments there (1901)

Arthur J. Jewers

Fry of Yarty. Fry of Buckerell (1910)

Charles F. Cole

Silk culture in Devon (1909)

A. J. P. Skinner

" Yonge" coffin plates in Colyton church (1908)

A. J. P. Skinner

The Courtenay tomb in Colyton church (1908)

Heraldry of Colyton (1908)

Francis Were

Coffin-shaped gravestone in Colyton church (1907)

A. J. P. Skinner

An inventory of the goods of John Strowbridge of Hobrayne, 1576 (1903)

H. Michell Whitley

Saxon cross in the church of St.Andrew, Colyton, Devon (1935)

Harbottle Reed

Devon homes - Great House, Colyton (1973)

John Elliot

Colyton club day (c.1825) (1953)

Bart Long

Reconstitution and census: Colytonians in parish register and enumerator's book (1976)

Richard Wall

The place of Colyton in English population history (1982)

Brian Clapp

Artward bound: a collaborative system of work by students and friends of Colyton Grammar School with the artists .. (1994, )

The church and parish of Colyton, S.E.Devon: a short guide (1956)

Walter George Wilson

The history of the feofees of Colyton, 1546-1946 (1951)

Reginald G. C. White

The register of baptisms, marriages and burials ... 1538-1837 (1928)

The diary of Walter Yonge Esq., Justice of the Peace, and M.P. for Honiton, written at Colyton and Axminster ... 1604-1628 (1848)

Walter Yonge

Colytonia: a chapter in the history of Devon : being some account of the Old and George's Meetings, Colyton...1662 to 1898 (1898)

George Eyre Evans